I make gf bespoke cakes in an exclusive gf kitchen. Before I was diagnosed, I made 'normal' cakage but now I have renewed my entire kitchen equipment and none of it has ever even heard of gluten (shh- it might hear me) so no possibility of cross contamination. I don't advertise-only by word of mouth and this is enough excitement for me at my age! I find making gumpaste flowers hugely therapeutic but no-one wants to pay their true worth so I can't make them as often as I'd like.
Some of my cakes end up as engineering projects which is ironic seeing as I'm actually discalculaic. But I manage and they (so far) seem to travel quite well too. I'll post some pics when I get the hang of this site..
I live breathe and sleep cake. It is my raison detre. And I bet I spelt that wrong but then I'm not French. Cake is my passion, but I believe it should LOOK like cake; not like sculpture. I want people to EAT what I create- not be too impressed to cut it.