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Little Christmas Collaboration

Hi my sweet friends!!! A couple of you may have seen some of our previous collaborations and thanks! This one might be my favorite some really dropped my jaw to the floor!!! Would love you to go take a peek.

I truly love this group of girls :)


Lori's Custom Cakes

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Hi Lori, thank you for this occation. Can i shar my cake in Little Christmas Collaboration and how?


Sure :) we would love you to! Are you on facebook ?

Lori's Custom Cakes

Fabulous :) our link is at the top of the page there is a an option to share the page :) that is so kind of you

Lori's Custom Cakes

Going to take a look right now

I love Christmas! I can’t wait to check out all of the lovely creations!

Toni, Pennsylvania,

Thanks Jacqueline and Toni!!!

Lori's Custom Cakes