Maria Magrat




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Hi there dear cake masters!
Im Maria and Im self-taught master from Russia.
We here don’t have any shows about cake decorating and etc.
Just nothing. And that makes me feel really bad and sad, cause not a lot of people here make unusual and 3D cakes. All of my cakes is just for my customers. And therefore cakes are not big, so I can’t show everything I can make. I just want to try to participate in any of shows.
Can you please tell me something about cake decorating shows. Is that real to be part of show if I’m from another country and what I need for this.

There are some of my works. Do you think I have any chance to participate in one of amazing cake shows!

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Angel, The Cupcake Lady

Wow! Love your work! Sorry there are no shows for you to take part in.


You are such a great artist

June ("Clarky's Cakes")

There are many International cake shows. England, Italy, Germany to name a few. Found a list on line by Ruth Rickey. But you could google individual countries as well, especially neighbouring countries. Hope this list may help. Your work is definitely good enough to exhibit.


Sorry you couldn’t participate in these International Cake Shows. You have tremendous talent and I’m sure your work would have yielded some Gold awards!