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Cracking/tearing fondant

Why oh why does my fondant crack? I spent ages mixing different colours to produce a camouflage effect cake only for it to crack and collapse as I applied to cake. Ended balling it up to re roll and got a marble effect with creases/wrinkly patches!

Any advise on where I’m going wrong?

-- Sarah x

crack wrinkles help!!


June ("Clarky's Cakes")

When my fondant cracks, it’s usually because it’s too dry. I knead in some shortening and sometimes a bit of glycerin too. This maybe helpful too:


Rub shortening over the cracks, rub it in gently. Let it sit overnight and they will disappear. It is because the fondant is dry and overworked. When I colour fondant I do it the day before I use it. Then it can sit overnight or longer before I start working with it again.

Cakes By Samantha (Greece)

It may also be underworked & not have enough elasticity -you need to knead all the colours separately before putting them together so that once together you don’t have too much kneading to do, which would mean losing the pattern.

Sarah's cakes

Thanks guys! Maybe I’m not working the fondant enough?? Will try a bit of trek next time around