Hello from Virginia!

Hello everyone! I just stumbled across CakesDecor while looking up cake decorating ideas on Pinterest and am amazed at what wonderful work and decorating abilities so many have shared here (and I’ve only looked at the start page so far)!

I am very much a novice when it comes to cake decorating and making cakes that are beyond the typical sort of cake. I have admired many cakes over the years, often finding myself absolutely amazed by the artistic abilities so many are blessed with. My interest, now, in cake decorating as a skill for myself is due to the possibility of making and selling different sorts of celebration cakes that can fit with what a customer is wanting and hoping for, instead of the typical layer cakes or “usual” cake decoration commonly found when you order a cake at a store’s bakery section. There’s nothing wrong with those cakes, of course, but I am hoping to be able to offer cakes that bring an imagined idea to life – whether it be for someone’s wedding or a birthday cake.

I do not have a business as of yet. I am getting ready to advertise some of the foodstuffs I make and offer. I make fudges and other sorts of candies akin to that, but typically don’t “put the word out” until around Thanksgiving, with Christmas being my busiest time. Not unlike with cake decorating and creations, I am a novice at selling my goods as well. I hope to generate enough interest by advertising (mostly via Facebook) very soon instead of later in the year, so that maybe, just MAYBE, it will be something I can depend on for additional income. I plan to offer cakes as well, but right now, it will be the vintage recipe cakes (that don’t have frosting or a lot of stylized needs), although I have invested in a few novelty pans that are wreaths, Santa, and a cornucopia. I’ll be experimenting to find what sort of cake does best to reveal the decorative aspects of the pans, then I have to figure out how to decorate those cakes so that the details aren’t lost in the frosting. That is one reason I’m so glad to have come across CakesDecor so that I can look for ideas, but also ask for help and opinions on ideas and how-tos.

I am happy to be here – thanks for including me! :)

-- the Happy Hermit

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Welcome to CakesDecor!

Chris Jones

Welcome! I’m from Virginia too:) You have found the right site for learning and gaining advice on anything cake! There is so much knowledge and talent on this site and all you have to do is ask!!

Calli Creations

Warm welcome to Cakes Decor and like Chris says, you’ve come to the right place for help, advise, inspiration and support. Wishing you much happiness as you get more involved on the decorating side. 🤗🤗

June ("Clarky's Cakes")

Welcome to CD..lots of help and inspiration here..🍰


Welcome to CD!!

il mondo di ielle

Hi HappyHermit!


Thanks so much, everyone! I had to put a new hard drive in my laptop and am just now getting back to normal – so happy to be here :)