Aug 2016 3 Virginia USA

Hi! I am a seasoned cake BAKER but a "just starting" cake decorator. I've never had any classes and not a lot of practice yet either. My main background is in candies - fudges and other types of candies in that realm (not so much hard candies) - however, I'd love to be able to offer decorated cakes as well. Thus far, my cakes are of the vintage sort and made primarily over the holidays. Most don't have any decorations, just glazes at most. I have a lot of ideas, just don't know (yet) how to make them come to life with my cakes. I am very interested in learning skills I can hope to accomplish, but I am also an ardent admirer of other people's wonderful art - this website has some of the best cakes I've, honestly, ever seen!

-- the Happy Hermit