Which Brand of Modelling Chocolate?

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Hi everyone,

Sorry if I’m repeating something that has been asked before, but a quick search didn’t reveal anything.

Normally, if I need to use modelling chocolate I make it myself, but I have a couple of big projects coming up and would rather save some time and buy it in. Which brand would people recommend? I’m after a plain white that I can colour and ideally a really bright red for one particular project.

Thanks in advance… x

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Calli Creations ...

Hi there, yes, I put a tutorial quite some time ago here. Here it is, it works a great for me. I use it a lot. Try others recommended as well as there are a few fail-safe ones out there :)

It’s on my Facebook page as well

Tartas Imposibles ...

I always use Pavoni modelling chocolate and I love it! It’s too heavy and hard, it works well with my sculpted pieces. You will build muscle without gym haha :)

Good luck!! Can’t wait to see that amazing project!

Calli Creations ...

That sounds fabulous Isabel, I like trying new products. Is this it? I struggled to find it http://www.zuckerpapier24.de/Modelling-Chocolate/Pavoni-Modelling-Chocolate-250gramm-white::659.html
Good luck Mr Baker 🤗

Thesugarboxcakeco ...

when not making my own I quite like to use Squires

Tartas Imposibles ...

Hi Calli! Yes, it’s that. 250gr size is a little bit expensive. I usually get 6kg size :) Here’s a link of their website.


Mr Baker's Cakes ...

I usually make my own (using either Shawna’s tutorial or more recently your method actually Calli), but would love to have some on hand too. Thanks, Isabel, will give it a go. :)

Will have a look at the Squires too. :) x

Calli Creations ...

Thanks so much for the link Isabel. I’m also enjoying using Sarancino modelling . I’ve used Squires before. Great for flowers but I find it too soft for modelling with personally.

Thesugarboxcakeco ...

Hi Calli, I’ve just been having a look at your FB tutorial, which is great. In your photos your finished product looks really white, is this because you used candy melts or have you found a way of getting a good white colour, if so could you please share, I have really struggled to get a good white colour.

Calli Creations ...

Yes, the candy melts are white. If using standard white chocolate, which is off white, I sometimes add a small amount of white food gel paste and/or the tip of a toothpick amount of lilac, as this takes the yellow out and creates a white illusion.

Thesugarboxcakeco ...

Thanks Calli, I’ll give that a try