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Cut-in-half Wedding Cakes? What's the name??

Help! I’ve been asked to make an anniversary cake in the style of this cake.

Olga Danilova did a gorgeous purple one, here:

I have looked (and looked) and can’t seem to find more than one or two other styles. I’m trying to find examples to work from, so that I can understand how they are made and fulfill my customer’s specific wishes. What the heck are they called? (Please don’t say, “inside out” cakes, that only brings up Disney!) Anyone? Anyone??

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I refer to this cake as half and half cake, or split cake. Doesn’t seem to be a lot of info/tutorials out there. This came up:
Split half and half wedding cake – Cake by Emmazing Bakes …
Jul 23, 2015 – This was a challenging but fun cake to make. Tags: split cake split wedding cake half and half cake angled cake caulkboard and silhouette …
I would pm these to CD members, and I’m sure they’d be willing to share with you the “how to” of making a cake like this.

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Thanks, June! I had seen this cake, too. I’m still hopeful I can see more of them somewhere! :)

Wow… many flowers, better get started!
Ive only heard of them referred to as half and half also xx

sugar and art - perfect combination!