Cupcake Towers

So I’ve seriously been considering finally purchasing a nice multi-tiered cupcake stand (for weddings, birthdays, events) and am torn between two brands. I LOVE the look of “The Cup Cake Tower” but if I buy it as seen here: it’s kinda pricey. Which I’m okay with as I plan to use this product for a long time, but then I’ve also seen “The Smart Baker” brand cupcake tower offered in a five tier version for considerably less as seen here: – granted, you don’t get the 3 colors of ribbons to “pretty up” the edges, but I can easily add that. Have any of you guys tried either of these or know anyone who has? Thanks so very much! :)

Becky, North Carolina,

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Just looked at both of these and for the price of ribbon the difference in price is immense !! the cheaper one is exactly the same definatly go for that one :O) xxx

Kaneen Cakes,

Just want to point out that it looks like the cupcaketower is actually bigger tiers and will hold more cupcakes. Maybe that will help you decide.


Becky you should make one! There’s tons of tutorials online. Plus you can always change out ribbons by using a hot glue gun!

Larissa, Durham NC,

Jennifer – thanks for pointing that out! I didn’t realized there was such a difference in how many the different towers held! Larissa – I DO want to try making my own, and have seen some nice tutorials, but not really anything that would be sturdy enough where I could rent it out for weddings and the like.

Becky, North Carolina,

So, just as an update for anyone else considering a cupcake tower/stand purchase…I finally decided to go with The Cupcake Tower – just arrived yesterday :) I went ahead and purchased the all-in-one round bundle that gives you all the options, from a five-tier stand to a two-tier stand with three colors of ribbons for the edges. I couldn’t be more pleased – truly I couldn’t! They do have a deal for free shipping on orders over $99 now, so that was appreciated, and the quality of the stand is excellent – I see this stand lasting me for quite some time with proper care. It was very easy to put together and the ribbons fit snugly around each base. I have to say I highly recommend this tower for anyone considering a similar purchase! :)

Becky, North Carolina,

Oh, and almost forgot – of course I had to test it out (happened to have some cupcakes handy – imagine that!)

Becky, North Carolina,

I purchased the Wilton Towering Tiers stand…. I purchased it at Michael’s with a 50% off coupon, so it was around $50. I love it! It comes with separators for cakes or cupcakes and you can use as many tiers as you want.

Kathy, Ohio,

Have you guys seen too? You can paint them and change ribbon. I have one that I bought used from someone and it works great. Love the stand you got too!

Bonnie, AZ,

Oh and I forgot you can get wholesale pricing if you have a business.

Bonnie, AZ,

That’s a beautiful stand but Its SO expensive! I got my wilton towering tiers stand just like Kathy except I got it on clearance for $16. All I had to do was write wilton and ask for a replacement part that was missing from the set! They sent it for free. I love me a good bargain..

Nikki, So Cal,