Ugh!! Spelled birthday wrong on cake! Please tell me that you have done this too!

So I made a Chinnock Helicopter cake for my grandson’s birthday! It all went well! Easier then I thought it would be! Have the party! Come home and post a photo of my grandson with his cake on my Facebook page and then I notice I spelled birthday….birthbay!!! How in the world did I not notice this when I put the letters on the cake, took photos, all through the party!!! It is SO OBVIOUS now!!! It is ALL I see when I look at the photos!! Please tell me you have spelled something wrong on a cake too!!! I feel like an idiot!


Sweet Lakes Cakes

Awesome well done & i didn’t notice the eror x

June ("Clarky's Cakes")

I didn’t notice the error either Ellie. Saw the pic before I read the your content. Don’t think you’re grandson noticed….that’s what counts!!

Elli Warren

Your cake still looks fantastic Ellie!! Could happen to any of us!!! Lol xx

Calli Creations

oh yes… ive done typos too…. i didn’t notice the typo on yours, I was too busy looking at your fab Chinook!!! <3

Julia Hardy

Oh bless you – that is so easily done. Even when writing I often put a b instead of a d and at least it was for your grandson and not a stroppy customer :-)
Off to have a look…. xx


Yes, I’ve done that too. “Birtday” :) makes your heart sink, but I really did not notice it on your cake, which was amazing…


Anita, June Elli, Calli, Julia and Jan thank you for your kind comments and support!! I knew I could count on my cake friends to make me feel better! My husband says we see what we expect to see! I think he is right because I don’t know how I missed it!!

Melanie Mangrum

🙋🏻🙋🏻🙋🏻. I spelled anniversary wrong by accidentally leaving out the first “r”! Didn’t notice until a friend pointed it out! I had already delivered the cake and it was 11:00 pm! If anyone noticed, nothing was ever said!!! Lol!


I too like Melanie forgot the first “r” in anniversary I had written on a cake but I also wrote happy 21st on someone’s cake who was only 18 . luckily I knew the family and they had a laugh about it and the fact that his aunt who collected the cake never even noticed . Your cake is fantastic and I’m sure your grandson will have loved it :)


Thank you Melaine and mjh! Glad to know that I’m not alone in this! LOL!! If anyone at my grandson’s party noticed they didn’t say anything either!!!

Violet - The Violet Cake Shop™

Yes, I’ve done it before too…more of us than you think! =D


Thank you Violet! That makes me feel better!!!

Toni (White Crafty Cakes)

Don’t fret it Ellie! Your cake is fantastic, and things like that happen even to the best, especially when you are finishing up a cake at 2 am!!


Thank you Toni! I can’t blame a late night for my mistake! This cake came together a lot faster than I thought it would which was nice for a change!!! lol!!!

Lilian Johnstone

Yip me too 🙋 I had the wrong spelling on a Communion cake missed out the first n.
Took loads of pics shared on my business page, then my brother text me to say it was wrong. No one, even the customer noticed, I did message her to let her know but she said that nobody at the party noticed either! Now when I see the cake my eyes are drawn to it.