How many of you operate a cake business and a blog? Do you design your own website?

I design my own website, so the landing page must operate to direct people who want to purchase a cake in that direction, and when my blog is published, take people who want to read the blog there.

I have seen on other websites they will have a blog preview of some recent posts on their website landing page, to entice people to read other posts.

I for the life of me can’t figure out a code for this. I have looked everwhere!

Leslie Bruckman, Owner of Nom Nom Sweeties

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Some website builders allow a widget to be added which redirects to a blog. It’s not code to be added per se. I don’t know much about different platforms but your system can allow for things like this to be added very simply. If you’re writing a site from scratch in html it might not be so simple… But a third party or blog site might generate code for you to paste in, if you can find anything by googling it x

Hi Leslie! Try squarespace, you can create your own website and you can blog directly to your website as well. It is very easy to use and will save you a ton of money. We just built our site for our new company and it only took us about a day.

Kristyne & Sofia

I design my website in weebly already, which is a point and click service that is also super easy. It also does have it’s own blogging platform. Now I just need something that gives a preview of recent posts. I did find a custom RSS reader insert… but it’s very blah. I will try googling blog redirect to see if that turns anything up. I’ve googled about a dozen different terms, but not that. :D
Most of what I find is wordpress related, and doesn’t work in my site. :/

Leslie Bruckman, Owner of Nom Nom Sweeties

When you’re looking for a web developer be sure to find someone who knows a bit about user experience and how to direct your viewers to reach your specific goals. For a bakery site that goal should be online sales. This means that you should have really strong call-to-action (CTA) elements in the contents of your blog posts AND elements in the sidebar (ads, promos, etc).

For tips on promoting your bakery check out my blog at I just started it but there are a couple of, I think, really good articles on SEO and marketing.

Also, I have a consulting business called User X where we specialize in making difficult things easier. You can leave us some feedback at or message me directly here.

John "Marc" Woodcock

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