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Does anyone have any advice on cake structure? (update)

It`s my son`s 14th birthday coming up and he`s told me he`d like a surprise for his cake….but it can`t be anything embarrassing (he knows I really want to make a Cinderella cake!)
So a Transformer cake it is, and since it`s for my son I can push myself and try something new, without too much worry of a cake disaster (he knows I love him no matter how the cake turns out)
I really want to try a standing cake…I`m thinking legs and arms RKT, cake body and modelling choc head. But I`m stuck over the structure. Ideally I`d like his legs to be bent so a kind of action pose.
So my question is, does anyone know of any online tutorial they can recommend for building the frame. There are so many out there I don`t know where to start!
Thanks, Julie xx

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Have you had a look at Dawn Butler’s Cake Frame kits yet?

Julie Cain

Hi Judy, yes, I`ve used Cake Frame a few times now. I love it but I don`t have much luck with it. It seems to wobble when I move it, even if it`s just to take photos and then the icing cracks. I`m sure I`m doing something wrong. It may be ok since it won`t be moving far ……kitchen to living room!

Calli Creations

I have the cakeframe too and been constructing something for later this year as an exhibit piece, but I’m no expert and still feeling my way on gravity cakes. . The best person to contact on Cake Frame is Dawn, she does have a tutorial on it.
Also, Laura Miller from Sweet as Sugar (sorry can’t tag from phone) does a lot of amazing structural stuff as well.

Caking it.

I also make flat pack kits to help with this problem as not everyone has access to power tools etc and I and happy to offer advice/sketches – you can find me on FB as Caking it, of my kit page Fabricaking it ;-) Sarah x


Avalon Yarnes Cake Made Super Hero class-maybe!

Mimi's Sweet Treats

I’d say cake frame as well. Might be worth emailing Dawn. She’s lovely and super helpful x

Purple Platypus

I had an insightful chat on a cake group. One of the member said she loves the Cake Frame by Dawn. She made a bobble head Stormtrooper with it.

Julie Cain

I love Cake Frame too, I`ve made four cakes with it now.
I was just looking for advice for different options/ tutorials so I could position the Transformer in an action pose.
Thanks everyone for the advice so far xx


There is a bobblehead class on Craftsy that would be excellent for you to view. The instructor is Mike McCarey. He has awesome helpful hints. Of course you won’t need the bobblehead part but his structuring can be used on many projects. Plus you can refer to it, play it back & have conversation with him. Good Luck! Share your final project :)

Julie Cain

Just a little update on my Transformer cake. I used one of Sarah`s kits (fabricaking it) and here it is. The kit is amazing and I`ll definitely be using more! The cake didn`t go entirely to plan but I would have been surprised if it did! His action pose turned into a standing pose at 1.30am…but by then his body was done…so his legs ended up a bit short. But my son loved it so I`m happy. Thank you all for your advice xx

Caking it.

Brilliant – my little boy would LOVE this! I am glad I am not the only one who has changed to the ‘plan’ in the wee small hours of the morning ;-) Sarah x