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Hi there/ hallo daar

Here a Dutchie, chaotic add mom of (holy moly :P) three. 36 going on 37 years old (omg…). Made my first cake uhhh a while ago, followed a workshop and i caught the cake virus. Ever since made lots of cakes, took the pme 1 and 2 course, some craftsy classes and learned the rest on you tube, google and pinterest haha. Still learning something new almost everytime. Got a few cake artist i really admire, really love Lesley from the royal bakery, sharon wee, way beyond cakes by Mayen, bella baking, brenda (sugarhigh), cuteology cakes and our own dutchie Tamara from sweetlake cakes. Well there are more but than i don’t know how to stop typing haha! Got a real sweet tooth so it’s important that the cake not only looks great but it has to taste great too. Can’t really bake as much as i’d like to, so it’s more a hobby thing (that got a little out of hand with 6 kitchen cupboards filled with “cake stuff”). Just love it! Always loved to draw, tinker and so on, now i can do it with food, nothing can top that ;-). Well enough about me, it’s really nice to meet yall!

-- carpe diem


June ("Clarky's Cakes")

Welcome Jennifer to CD…you have come to the right place for your cake addiction….. 🍰

SugarMagicCakes (Christine)

Hi Jennifer!!! Welcome to CD!………sounds like we have a lot in common! Only im 34 going on 35, about the only difference! ;-))

Jennifer-You cake

thnx ladies! Geweldig Christine! Love to meet cake addicts haha and especially when we got a lot in common!