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I’m gong to make a white chocolate mud cake with raspberris for a friend’s girls birthday. I usually bake my cakes Wednesday night if I need it for Saturday.
How well cake holds baked with fresh berries? I also want to do raspberry butteecream for filling and cover it with white chocolate ganache before I decorate with fondant. Will it be OK siting in the room temperature for few days? Should I put fresh raspberries to butteecream or use preserve?

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No Ausra
If your using fresh fruit like raspberries, you must refrigerate your cake. If your cake sits on the counter, you will have a good chance of your cake have a blow out or bulge.

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Hi Ausra, have you considered using freeze dried raspberries? You would still get the lovely ‘fresh fruit’ flavour and colour and your cake would still be safe to sit on the counter :)

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Hi thank you for your response. I will go for dry freeze if I can get a hand on th localy. What about buttercram? Just a jam? Or same dry freeze? Or like a boil up some raspberries with sugar pour through sift so there is no bits and just that for buttercram? Would that be OK to sit on the counter? As I bake wends day night fill and ganache Thursday afternoon decorate Friday and of it goes Saturday. So it’’s a few days at room temperature. just wanna be safe :)

ANY fresh fruit must be refrigerated. Raspberry jam is fine, or as Angela said dehydrated raspberries. I made a cake last week with raspberry jam…was lovely. Laid on top of a thin layer of buttercream. Boiled raspberries will work fine too.

Creativity is God's gift to us. Using our creativity is our gift back to God. Clarky's Cakes 😎

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Creativity is God's gift to us. Using our creativity is our gift back to God. Clarky's Cakes 😎

I make a raspberry buttercream using fresh or frozen raspberries. I just mix them right in after I’ve made the buttercream (but I don’t add any liquids) and I add them to my recipe until it’s the consistency I want. It always works really well, has a great taste and is a fantastic bright pink color. It does have seeds, but none of my customers care because they just love it so much and they know I’m using fresh ingredients (I live in a pretty snobby area though). I’ve never had problems with it getting overly wet or leaky that way.

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Ausra you are talking about making a fruit coulis to mix with your buttercream, this makes a delicious filling. It will be fine covered with ganache for a few days.

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Yes Roo. I never made a cake with a filling ecsept caramel does it hold in well as the filling I supine not like a butte cream where it’s get hard when cold. I know you make a rim but when you cut it it will run isn’t it ?