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Volleyball Cake

Does anyone have guidance or links they would be willing to share with making a volleyball cake. I am aiming for a realistic volleyball. I have the Wilton ball pan. Thanks so much!

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Some tips I picked up from was to use a support and board within and frosting the sphere in ganache. I love her site! There is a yearly membership fee but, just from reading the introduction page to the video for her soccer ball cake, you may get some ideas……


Thank you very much, Chris and Sharon!

I did one at the beginning of the year and yes ganache is definitely the way to go if youwant to keep your shape. I would use a 3-1 so as your ganache was super strong. Covering it was the hardest part for me but I think it was the fondant . If you use LMF I think that would work much better as it has a lot of give. Also find a volleyball pic on google and the make it the size you are making the ball and then cut out the design so as you can use that as your guide for your lines. I did not know cakeschool had done one but wish I could have used it. If you subscribe to it definitely look at it any tips are good tips usually.

Tampa, Florida

I did on last month using the Wilton ball pan. I thought about covering it in fondant but figured it would be difficult getting it smooth at the bottom of the ball so I did it in crusting buttercream. I used a Viva paper towel to smooth it and cut the pattern out on the towel as well so it would be flexible. I used a dresden tool to make the impressions.

Thanks very much! Melody, I can’t believe that it buttercream?! Wow! What is viva paper towel?