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Hello, what does everyone do when they are Ill and have a cake due?

Hi everyone I have been busy and Ill and I am really behind with cakes again so I will try my best to go through all the lovely cakes I have missed ASAP.
I had the dreaded Norovirus and had a cake due but was so Ill and for health and safety reasons was not able to work on it, when you work for yourself what can you do? This was the first time this had happened to me. So I called on some local cake friends I had one friend Heather from The Wonky Cake Co. making my cakes and my other friend Lisa from Lisa Mellum cake Creations making some of the toppers for me so when I was finally well enough I had one evening to finish off the 2 tier cake. I was up until 5 am after having 2 bad nights feeling ill. My worst cake experience yet, it was a miracle I finished and was still sane. It wasn’t my best but I made it and the customer was really happy. It wouldn’t have been possible without my cake friends. I would like to hear what anyone else has done in this situation please share your experiences. I will be posting the cake soon it is the 2 tier beach themed one. I forgot the blokes ears but I had to fill, cover, stack, make 3 figures, beach huts, shells a dolphin, seagull, sea, cover the board in one evening!!

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I have a similar post from yesterday. Ugh. I guess we just aren’t allowed to get sick. It sounds like you have some great cake friends to help get you through. If I had a severe medical emergency, I do have my daughter, an employee that used to work for me and helps out when needed, a cousin that also owns a bakery and my brother that I could fall back on.
You know what I really can’t stand though…..is when I can’t attend services when a relative passes. My most favorite Uncle died many years ago (out of state) and I couldn’t go because I had wedding cakes to do. I cried and cried the whole time I was making those cakes.
I guess we do what we have to do to get through it.
I hope you’re on the mend and feeling 100% real soon!

Bethann Dubey

Wow that would be awful :( .. I agree with Sharon it is good you have some cake friends to help you <3 I have had to have my family members help me before.. you do what you have to do .. I am so glad you are feeling better :D :D <3

Calli Creations

Being ill and theming to run your own business is really tough…. But somehow you get through it with the right supportive friends and family… Xx

Elizabeth Miles Cake Design

Sharon that’s awful I just read your story, what would we do without friends and family? I hope the pain stops very soon. I hadn’t thought about missing life events hopefully that never comes up, how sad. Lots of cake love to you xx

Sweet ObsesShan

I saw the finished cake and I am glad that you made it through. Wonderful that you had friends that could help. Have a blessed day.

Jenniffer White

You almost have to have an emergency cake buddy! I made an agreement with a baker friend in the next town over that if anything catastrophic ever happened we would step in for one another. That was about 4 years ago. A couple of weeks ago she called and said that her sister has passed away unexpectedly after some routine surgery. So I rushed to finish my cakes and then drove up and helped her husband finish their cakes. Luckily he was able to deliver them all, so it was just an extra day for me, but I know it meant the world to them both.

SugarMagicCakes (Christine)

Amazing to hear cakers sticking together, glad you got it sorted Liz! ;-)


Oh Jennifer…..so great that you were there for them when they needed you most. What a respectful relationship. My brother in law recently passed away (we’re in NY and he in CA) and my poor husband had to go alone because I had the bakery to tend to. Thank God my daughter and her husband (stationed in CA) were able to be there with him. Our jobs are sure important and so stressful at times.