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Favorite & Least Favorite Part of Making a Cake

What are your favorite and least favorite part of making a cake. Do you like thinking up the design, the actual baking, or do you love the decorating. I love thinking up the design, making all the little details, and the decorating. Playing with gumpaste is so relaxing for me. I don’t mind the baking, but I’m always stressed when it comes to covering the cake. Doing the buttercream or fondant covering is my least favorite part.

-- Toni, Pennsylvania,



My favorite is when it’s time to take pictures of the cake and I’m so happy I’m done and can stand back and admire my work for a few minutes. Followed right away by my least favorite part when I turn around and look back into the kitchen and realize I got about a hour of clean up in the kitchen before I’m actually done.

Becky Pendergraft

Have to be honest, covering the cake with fondant is still the most stressful part for me – I just want it to be perfect – know that it’s the blank canvas that everything else will go on! My favorite part is detail work – I could sit for hours doing that stuff! :)

Loren Ebert

My least favorite part is the shopping for ingredients, supplies, boards, boxes, etc…
My favorite part is just after covering the cake in fondant….I feel like all the hard work is done and now it’s playtime!!! :o)

Tiffany Palmer

My favorite parts are coming up with the design and like Loren said, right after it’s covered (either in icing or fondant). Once they’re stacked and ready to decorate is when I have the most fun. Least favorite part is not always having the time to put in to each cake that I wish I had. With a very rambunctious 2 year old running around, it gets stressful at times. I can always tell when looking back on my cakes when I had the time to focus and when I didn’t. Something I have been working on the past few months to make sure doesn’t happen any more. =)


My least favorite parts are the baking and the cleaning! My favorite parts are the planning, decorating and taking the photos!

Valley Kool Cakes (well half of it~Tara)

My favorite part is the shopping, planning and most of all the detail work. My least favorite by far is the clean up!


My favorite part is seeing the customer’s reactions :D My least favorite part is trying to work on 2 or 3 cakes at once in my tiny kitchen :(

Fun Fiesta Cakes

I truly enjoy decorating the cake, but I’m very stressed covering the cake with fondant – if it tears, it can bring me to tears – isn’t the English language funny?

Seeing the final product makes it all worthwhile – it’s like going through 9 months of pregnancy – when you see the baby in your arms, you completely forget everything else! Happy baking!

Sweets By Monica

I hate the covering a cake in fondant or trying to ice a buttercream only cake.


I’m with Jessica…I literally LOL’d because that was EXACTLY what I was gonna say…altho, my messes usually take closer to 2 hours to clean…lol


I’m with you Loren, I hate the shopping, too! I love the “blank canvas”! of a fresh piece of fondant. As a painter, it’s just like the sky is the limit! Clean up is NO fun!!!


i have to say..the baking and covering of the cake are my most terrifying…once that is all done i feel its party time!!the designing shopping prep work and putting it all together is a blast…i dont even mind the clean up that much!

cakes by khandra

My favorite part of making a cake is piping on the cake and making the designs. My least favorite is leveling a cake, i can never get it even so when I stack it it looks neet.

Donna Tokazowski- Cake Hatteras, Hatteras N.C.

I love day dreaming and researching for all the design possibilities. The baking, not so much. It’s okay, but my favorite part is the actual decorating. Getting my hands in stuff!
I have to agree with Conceptual Confections also: Stepping back, taking a sigh of relief that the work is all done and admiring the work is very rewarding.

Clean up…not so much. :) Good tunes in the background help.


My least favorite part is delivery, I don’t breath till it’s on the display table!! My favorite is the actual decorating,once the covering is on the fun begins!!!!