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Hi all, I’ve been baking and decorating as a hobby for the last year, I recently made some small cupcakes for a friend with buttercream swirl and a butterfly I’d cut and shaped out of supermarkets own roll out icing. When I gave them to her the next day the wings had lost their shape and they’d gone shiny/sticky :-( . I read this is because the icing soaks up the moisture from the buttercream?

I called in my local cake shop and they recommended some renshaws flower paste icing so I’ve been using that, I also did a half&half with the renshaws and the supermarket ready roll and that seems to work well too.
So… I’ve got a few questions

Once I’ve cut out my shapes with my icing, how long can I leave them out to dry before having to use them?

I’m trying to keep my costs low as my cakes are usually gifts from my own pocket, do you think using the renshaws & supermarket icing mix is okay? Obviously the supermarket stuff is cheaper. Are there any alternatives you can recommend?

Sorry I’ve waffled on, any help or advice would be gratefully received!
Lucy :-)


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AWG Hobby Cakes ...

That could be because you stored them airtight.
Always keep in a cardboard box
Also you could use Tylose/ gum trag? to help with fondant setting, still needs airing though. x

AWG Hobby Cakes ...

get some CMC or tylose and mix this into your store fondant xx

Purple Platypus ...

If you want to use only fondant, depends on the fondant, you need to allow yourself more than 1 night. But the buttercream also contribute to the melting of the fondant. There’s an experiment done by “How to cook” on different buttercreams. Some buttercream make fondant melt. Search it on youtube. Let me know if you can’t find it. xx

Lucymaybakes ...

Thank you for your replies, I’ll take all suggestions on board. Thanks 😃

SugarMagicCakes (Christine) ...

Hi Lucy, you can leave your icing out indefinately, as it can take years and years to start to deteriorate. Keep them cool and dry, dont put them in the fridge, theyll absorb moisture and go sticky. I still have skylander models in my cupboard from years ago!

The Rosebud Cake Company ...

I had this issue too. I make them as far in advance as I can so they dry well then only put them on the buttercream icing right before you need to. E.g morning of the party