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Refrigeration Question

Hey, guys! I’ve got a lemon/blueberry cake with fresh (frozen) blueberries in both the cake and filling. The filling has a very high sugar content (ABC) and the cake will be coated in white chocolate ganache before being covered in fondant. My question is how long can this be safely left out at room temperature and if it must be refrigerated, will it mess up the fondant on the outside? There will be multiple colors of fondant, edible image icing sheet decorations and also wafer paper flowers so I’m worried about the condensation messing up the colors when I take it out of the refrigerator. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi… I think you need to be very careful using fresh berries in an unrefrigerated environment… I guess it will also depend whether you live in a warm or cool climate. Also, in a previous place of employment, when they added frozen berries to their cake mix… I had difficulty decorating in the next day or two, as bubbles formed between the cake and fondant (only seemed to happen with the berry mudcakes)… I thought it might be caused by the berries deteriating and causing gas?
I hope you get some more responses, I will follow the discussion… I will be interested in the ideas and information others may be able to provide.
Good luck ♥

-- Julez,

Update: Since this was a cake for my own baby shower, I decided to experiment with flavors that I don’t normally get to make. I kept it refrigerated for several days and took it out a few hours before the shower and it worked out really well. I used Satin Ice and Fondx and had no problems whatsoever with condensation. I didn’t get any bubbles from the berries since I used ganache between the cake and fondant. No air was able to get to the cake inside so I think that was the key. The wafer paper and edible images weren’t affected by the temperature change, either. Thanks for your reply.

Thanks for the information Kendra. I’m very glad it worked out well for you.
As far as refrigerating rolled fondant icing, it depends on the brand. Fondx is able to be refrigerated and it states that on the product. I have also used Satin Ice but one brand that does not refrigerate well is Bakels Pettinice made in Australia. They do make the Pettinice they send to the US in New Zealand and that one is okay to refrigerate but not the Aussie one.

-- Summerjae