Australian Cake Artist living in the Dandenong Ranges area to the east of Melbourne.
Have enjoyed competition over forty plus years and specialise in teaching other cake decorating addicted people how to enter and enjoy competition using it to aid their personal development.
Have been the cake artist recommended by many wedding reception venues for personalised, individually designed wedding cakes.
Have taught for many years and have judged competition.
I have been going through a long period of difficulty doing cake decorating due to the progression of an inherited disability and becoming ill with fibromyalgia. When I was unable to create in sugar art I took up teaching a Yahoo group online which has been running for over 9 years.
Was asked to write a book in 2009 but while I initially jumped at the opportunity the health issues, particularly the fibromyalgia, made me unable to work well enough or to keep to a reasonable schedule, so I reluctantly withdrew from the contract.
This year – 2014 – after numerous failed attempts at entering competition over the past 12 years because I was unable to stay well enough to finish the cakes, I finally succeeded and put a Christmas cake into a local competition. There were a lot of challenges and quite a story to getting that cake finished and into the show but the end result was first prize in its section and Reserve Champion of the cake decorating and cooking section of the show.
My goal is to work to bring back, and improve, my sugar art skills which have suffered from the long period of difficulty bringing designs into reality, and to update to the modern contemporary styles of today. That goal also includes having a blog and site where I can provide information on sugar art and baking, especially in relation to entering competition.


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We move house and most of my photos are in storage so I’m still trying to find them!


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Hi Summer, thank you for the beautiful comment you left about my thistle cake. I just read your story, sorry to hear that you have been struggling with your health so much. I love the Dandenong Ranges, such a beautiful place. I am originally a Melbourne girl, brought up in Kangaroo Ground. I am now following you and hoping that your health will allow you to create some wonderful cakes to share with us. Do you have a blog?
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Hi Lorene,
Lovely to ‘meet’ you. I am in the process of creating a blog so it is coming soon. I’m looking after our 5 year old and almost 3 year old grandchildren so time can be a bit difficult. I keep wondering how I ever did sugar art while rearing our own children, all 5 of them, but I guess being 35 years younger was a big help with that :-D!!


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