My name is Cláudia Oliveira, I live in Portugal and I am a Cake Artist/Owner of Cláud 'Art Sugar!

My qualification degree is in Textile Design and I also have training in Health Care.
I always showed a taste for the arts, and I like the challenge of creating cake art!
I started my training at the English School Knightsbridge PME Ltd. School of Cake Decorating & Confectionery Arts, obtaining the Master's degree.
I had some training with Portuguese designers and Master Class with international artists.

I started designing cakes in 2014. My first competition took place in Portugal in September of the same year, at Cake Fest Exponor, having won 1st place on the wedding cakes!
In October of 2015 I re-entered Cake Fest Exponor and was awarded again in two categories, wedding cakes and birthday cakes, having won 1st places in both.
In April of 2019 I entered at Sweet Sugar Festival in Anadia – Portugal and was awarded with 1st place in the competition.
In September of 2020 I entered in the Cake Star - International Online Cake Competition hosted BYBORA SUGAR PASTE and I was country winner in the category of the occasional cakes.
Some of my works have also been presented in Portuguese and International Cake Design Magazines.

I absolutely love what I do.
I’m so happy to be here with you all.


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