Portugal Wonders in Sugar - Monserrate Palace

Portugal Wonders in Sugar - Monserrate Palace
Portugal Wonders in Sugar - Monserrate Palace Portugal Wonders in Sugar - Monserrate Palace Portugal Wonders in Sugar - Monserrate Palace

Hi everyone! :)

This is my work for the collaboration Portugal Wonders in Sugar hosted by Elisabete Caseiro.
This collaboration is about my beautiful country Portugal! <3

Monserrate Palace is a palace located in Monserrate Park, Sintra, Portugal.
In 1856, the property was acquired by Francis Cook, a wealthy English art dealer and collector, who would become the first Viscount of Monserrate.
There he ordered the construction of a palace that reveals an orientalist and eclectic taste, with markedly Gothic, Indian and Arab elements.
The exotic and vegetal motifs of the interior decoration are harmoniously extended to the exterior, which was also redesigned and transformed into one of the most beautiful Portuguese botanical gardens.
The space surrounding the palace was transformed into an exotic garden, where several species were planted.
In general, it has a rigorous symmetry, marked in the center by a set of elegant columns that support the neo-medieval arches.

The Portuguese government acquired the property and the palace in 1949 and, a few years later, the Park and Palace of Monserrate were classified as a Property of Public Interest.
They are part of the Cultural Landscape of Sintra, classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 1995.
In 2013, the park of Monserrate was awarded a European Garden Award in the category of “best development of a historic park or garden”.

Sculpted cake made to scale and covered with Paste Top from the Saracino brand.
All the elements that make up this project were modeled with Sugar Shapers from the Innovative Sugar Works brand, in Saracino chocolate paste, Saracino model paste and in pastillage, hand painted with powder dyes from the Rainbow Dusts brand.

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