Iria Jordan


Iria Jordan

Nov 2015 1,127 Littlewood Derryvarroge Donadea Co Kildare Ireland

Hand crafted, Cakes and Cupcakes for special occasions: Ideal for Wedding's, Christening's, Communion's, Confirmation's, Birthday's, Christmas, etc...

-- Cornucopia Cakes & Cupcakes


Nanna Lyn Cakes

Your cakes are beautiful, especially the Disney one, new follow from me, look forward to seeing more of your designs x

Iria Jordan

Thank You, Nanna Lyn Cakes!


Hi Iria,thanks so so much for the follow, I’m following you back!!Your creations are great!!!<3

sharon tzairi - cakes-mania

hi :) thank you for tha follow! you have lovely cakes!

Antonia Lazarova

Thanks for the follow , Iria Jordan!

Sandra Smiley

Thank you for the follow! I really enjoy your work and am following you too.

Sweet Prelude

Your cakes are very lovely! Can you check mine too? :)