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Congrats for your works:) I follow you from Italy

-- Rory

thank you Rory :)

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Your modelling is amazing – new follow from me! X

-- Judy

thanks judy! love your work also :)

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Thank you so much for the follow and the comment Sharon !! Your work is so beautiful !!

-- Dora Theodoridou

Thank you and congrats, your works are beautiful :)

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Thanks for the follow….your work is amazing. You really need to create a tutorial on how you make your masterpieces.

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Hi Sharon, thanks for the follow.:) Your work and modelling are amazing.

-- Anka

Thanks for the follow sharon!
Your cakes are beautiful and bright, and I love your modelling…..perfect ♡

-- sugar and art - perfect combination!

thank you very much luna and christine :)

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Absolutely love your work! A new follow from me 👏👏


thank you :) your cakes are amazing!

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Your cakes are fabulous. Love all of them. Following

Thank you for the lovely comment Sharon, I see you are are in Israel too!
Your modeling is absolutely amazing. So nice get to get to know you via Cakes Decor.
Do stay in touch. I’m based in Ra’anana.

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Thanks for your sweet message on my profile. Likewise to you…I am fascinated by your modelling! =D

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