Christmas Wishes

Christmas Wishes
Christmas Wishes Christmas Wishes Christmas Wishes Christmas Wishes

I made this cake as a competition entry. This was the cake that I finally managed to complete and get into competition after several attempts which I failed to finish due to a 12 year period of health issues.

There were many challenges to getting this cake finished but I was just so happy to be able to do it again and the end result of First and Reserve Champion of the show was a real bonus.

Australian Christmas theme with Aussie native animals relaying the message of “Heres to Christmas, Peace, Love, Laughter, Ever After”. There were koalas climbing over garlands of decorations around the sides, which linked to extension work bells. The flowers arranged at the front and back of the sloping board were a mixture of Australian wildflowers, namely Christmas bells, poinsettia, flannel flowers, holly and ivy.

Techniques consisted of pressure piping, floodwork, painting, extension, piping and flower making.



Congratulations! Well done

You must never limit your challenges, instead you must challenge your limits

Thank you Elli, Susana and Calli.


Amazing amount of skill to produce this cake! The side design is particularly pretty. Sorry to hear that you have health issues… I do hope you continue to indulge in sugar art! xxx


Thank you Julez, and I am learning to work around the health issues so gradually getting back into more sugar art.