Colour powder

Hey guys!
So I was wondering if I could mix a little water with edible couour powder so I can paint the cakes with a brush.

I live in Sweden. So all the things here that I need to make cakes a really expansive. So I thaught since I allready have this colour powder, that I paid at least 10us dollars for I could use it instead of having to by even more colour.

Plz help


SugarMagicCakes (Christine)

Yes you can mix powders with a little water to paint on cakes. But, if you have it, its best to use a white spirit such as vodka mixed with it. It will dry quicker than a water powder mix. As you probably know water and cakes do not go together well, but you can use it xx
Mmmm, I love swedish vodka! :-)


Thank you so mutch. But I don’t drink alcohol. Can I use lemonjuice instead?

Toni (White Crafty Cakes)

Lemon extract also works well.


Thank you both

June ("Clarky's Cakes")

I like lemon extract…works great!!!


Ok. Thanks 😀


I think lemon extracts will be much better option. Do share the images if your can.

Jenniffer White

Lemon extract will work fine, but it has alcohol in it too (lots actually), and once per ounce is WAY more expensive than vodka. It also has lots of lemon flavor in too, so it can leave behind a lemon flavor that might not blend well with your cake flavors. Personally, I use Pure Grain Alcohol (PGA) to paint with and I would NEVER drink that stuff!


Thanks everyone for the help.
I used fresh pressed lemonjuice. Worked great. 😉