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Problem Charging for Cake Mix Cupakes

I have nothing against cake mixes!

With that being said, I’m a 100% scratch baker and rarely do I make cupcakes or cakes from cake mixes because 99.9% of my friends and family hate the taste. However, a friend of mine has asked that I make 1 dozen strawberry cupcakes from a cake mix and I’m having a problem charging her for what a scratch batch actually cost. She wants me to charge her but I am honestly clueless. Any ideas how to handle this one?


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Unless it costs more I would just charge the same thing. Don’t stress yourself out over it hon :)

Seems crazy to me that’s she’s asked for a mix if she can have beautiful homemade! Anyway…for a friend I would just charge at cost and then work out what you want for your time, an approx hourly rate.

-- Mel, Yorkshire,

Funny thing is, I made a birthday cake for my god-daughter last year and the parents and kiddies really loved it. But most of the guests said they were expecting the really sweet pink cake-mix from the box (Sigh!). So sure enough, with my second request I thought it best to ask so as to avoid any glum faces. I’m really glad I did.

Thanks Ladies, really appreciate your suggestions!


-- all good things start and end with a cupcake!

I too always bake from scratch…but I agree with other posts…charge the same as you would normally…after all, it still takes almost the same amount of time…..

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