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Advice needed - sugar paste/gum paste for modelling figures and detailed faces

Hello fellow cake decorators! Could you please give me a tip for your favourite sugar paste brand and type that works for you for modelling figures and face details? Currently I use the Squires Kitchen one which is not too bad but doesn’t work for me when creating face details. The mexican modelling paste didn’t seem to work for me either, too soft! Thanks a lot for your help!

-- Ilona @ http://www.tiersofhappiness.net, www.facebook.com/tiersofhappinessuk

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Prima Cakes and Cookies - Jennifer

I actually use fondx fondant with Tylose powder added for my modeling. I really haven’t had much luck with gumpaste. At least with fondant/tylose mix I have a little longer before it gets hard. :) Hope this helps.

Mardie Makes Cakes

I use my mmf with tylose… If i add too much I just swipe some shortening on my fingers and rub it in to make it pliable again.

Tiers Of Happiness

This is brilliant, I will have a look into each option you have suggested, thank you so much!
Mardie, the mmf fondant, do you make your own or do you buy it from a supplier?

Mardie Makes Cakes

Unfortunately I gotta handmake it myself. Every. Single. Week! It’s not hard to make, but it’s certainly more of a pain than picking up a tub off the shelf! Lots n lots of recipes online, I just use marshmallows and icing sugar and knead knead knead.

SugarMagicCakes (Christine)

Hi ilona, I like renshaws modelling paste the best and also I will add my own gum trag to plain fondant to make it just how I like it. I also add a little shortening (trex) if it gets too dry.
Hope this helps xx

Tiers Of Happiness

Mardie, thanks for letting me know, does sound like a lot of extra work ;-)

Thank you for the gum trag tip sugarmaciccakes! Will try that. This is two votes for the renshaws paste!


Vizyon sugarpaste. It is just beautifull. Not sticky, doeasn’t break..


Emma you are correct. I will never use another again..
Vizyon allows me to create any cartoon or even real figures.

Sweet Creations Cakes

Hi, I think the best modelling paste i used for figures is sugarpaste made with cocoa butter.
There are a lot of modelling pastes in Italy like Saracino or Laped
Sorry all for my bad english :/

Tiers Of Happiness

Ooh some more replies, thank you Emma, Olivia and Sweet Creations Cakes for your recommendations! I have since tried a home made modelling chocolate and it works a treat! Will check your sugarpaste options too xx

Martina Kelly

For faces I find modelling chocolate better as it does not dry out as quick. :)

Essentially Cakes

I have been using Renshaws fondant, sometimes 50-50 with flower paste or just adding cmc. Using trex helps to stop drying out while working but I am now trying modelling chocolate options and I’m liking a 50-50 mix with fondant as you get more time to work on stuff and it tastes yummy too. Nice to see what other people are using x