My story is probably not quite what you would expect from a cake maker and decorator. It doesn’t include patisserie schools or ‘always wanted to do this since I was young’. Sometimes life takes you in different directions; you try different things and hope for the best. No matter what I had tried before, I knew it still wasn’t quite right. I knew one day I would like to do something involving art and craft as that was what I really enjoyed doing. With my mum’s artistic background, arts & crafts has always been a strength of mine and having done a lot of work with clay, this skill has come in use for putting together my sugar creations.

The best thing that ever happened to set me in the right direction was actually getting engaged! Not only it was the happiest day of my life but it also kick-started my interest in cake decorating with my decision to make the wedding cake. For some reason I felt confident I could do this (thinking ‘I can bake, I know what a good cake is!’) and went ahead and booked a sugar craft course. I couldn’t wait to create something really special and unique for our day.

Having grown my confidence in baking and sugar craft, I threw myself into baking birthday cakes of all shapes and sizes for friends and family. I loved the experience and I LOVED the feedback I was getting, it has been the most rewarding thing I have done so far.

By this point I got the real cake decorating bug and what I needed to do next was to learn more about large tiered cakes and what production of such a cake entails. I bought enough cake decorating books and tools to teach myself the tips and tricks of the trade and as the cakes come and go, with people entrusting me with their wedding cakes and cakes for other special occasions, my career in cake decorating is on a strong and steady course.

Although I still have much to learn, it’s been an amazing journey so far, meeting many lovely people along the way to talk about their cakes and special celebrations.

Without a doubt, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing happy faces and happy tiers :)

I look forward to seeing interesting cake creations and meet all the beautiful creative people here!

Ilona xx


Thank you for the follow… your cakes are wonderful!…looking forward to seeing more of your creations!


Thanks very much! Sorry to only reply now, I’m not on here very often at the moment as juggling two jobs but hoping that will change soon. Looking forward to being more involved! :-)

Ilona @,

Fabulous work! Thank you for the follow – I am very happy to follow you too! :-)

Julia Hardy

Wow very perfect cakes! I follow you from Italy:)


Lovely cakes! So pleased I stumbled across your creations!

Jen x

Lovely cakes – new follow from me and looking forward to seeing what you do next… your story too x


Thank you Judy for visiting and your lovely words!! :-) Will check your page too xx

Ilona @,