Im about to buy my first turntable and was hoping for some advice on which way to go. Tilting or non-tilting?
I was thinking a tilting one would be best, especially when trying to pipe on the sides of a cake. I have this one in mind, can I ask what you all use and any advice would be greatfully appreciated. :)

sugar and art - perfect combination!

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This one, sorry! :)

sugar and art - perfect combination!

Hi Christine!

To be honest with you, I don’t know very much about Tilting turntables, but I have to admit though that I haven’t heard great things about them, but I could have been looking in the wrong place.

Below I have put a photo of the turntable i’m currently using, it works really well for me, and, it can handle a pretty heavy cake, It’s also a very comfortable height for piping.

I highly recommend it. As you are in the UK, you can get one from Hobby Craft for £13.50.
You can buy flat turntables from Sainsburys but they’re not worth the money, they barely move with any weight on them and they make a horrible squeaking sound.

Hope this helps!! Xx

Laura Loukaides -

I have to admit that I also have heard negative things about tilting turntables. I can’t comment on the specific model you shared, but in general. I have yet to invest in a good one myself, I’m currently using an IKEA lazy susan!

Nicole ---
Thanks so much Laura and Nicole, really appreciate the advice. xx
Just seen a guy from sweetwise on youtube actually standing and spinning on the pme tilting one!
Also read some great reviews on amazon, so I think its won :-)

sugar and art - perfect combination!

I never use that turntable even though I was so excited to buy it. It is not sturdy at all and I’m afraid my cake will go flying!

Robin, Kenosha WI,

Thanks for the heads up Robin ;)

sugar and art - perfect combination!

I have the cast iron Ateco turntable, it is fab! It moves super smoothly and it is a reasonable height.

Sweet Accents -