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cake idea anybody?

Hi guys, im making a cake for a friend for the beginning of december.
I cant decide what to make her. She is 23 years old and is into fashion, glamour but also sports. She is training to become a PE teacher. As the cake is just for her she will only want a small, say 8" round cake.
I made her this last year

I have been looking on cakes decor a lot lately and I love all the classy, elegant cakes that have been on here. I especially like the ruffle cakes, so maybe I could incorperate that as it would be a new technique for me to try.
I feel like I need to make some thing different like this because most of my cakes are for kids and are very cartoony and I need a change. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance, Christine. xx

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this is beautiful! Seeing as you have already made her a pink and girly cake, how do you feel about a complete turnabout and combining the sport and fashion together with a 3d cake, say a pair of jazzy running shoes or sports bag, something like that? just an idea as they don’t require a lot of cake which would suit the size required. It’s difficult because she is your friend and you will know her taste better than we will and whether or not she would prefer pink ruffles which would be gorgeous! I look forward to seeing what you come up with :) have fun! xx

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Thanks for the suggestions fifi, I think she might like a pair of jazzed up adidas, maybe with a bit of bling.
Im pretty sure she has something like that so maybe I could try and do a replica of them!
Youll see my post when its done, but more suggestions are welcome! xx

sugar and art - perfect combination!

I saw something inspiring by Jessicakes the other day, a strawberry shortcake ‘hat’ cake.

U could maybe do a sports cap of some kind (favourite team emblem?) and still do your ruffles and glamourise stuff (pearls maybe?) on the top of the cake.

Just an idea! Good luck with it :)

You done with very beautifully. All of your friends enjoying happily.

Thanks Romynash xx
Great idea mixing the 2 themes mardie, I might just do that! :)

sugar and art - perfect combination!

Thanks for the Jessica cakes link!! Wow she is so “giving” with her tutorials… LOVE it!!