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Have you met up with any of your fabulous cake friends?

I would love you all to share your stories and pictures of meetings you have had with the cake friends you have made online :)

-- Raewyn, Sydney, Australia https://www.facebook.com/cakesbyraewyn

cake friends



None thus far, Rae but would LOVE to meet everyone I met online!!!


I would like to meet you, but it is problem, because I am from Slovakia. I want to go visit the exhibition in Farnham next year in March. I was there this year too.:-)


I would love to meet everybody but unfortunately
you are all on the other side of the world!! We
all need to make a plan to get together ????

Elli Warren

Hi Raewyn! like Bev said we are going to cake international next month and am very excited to be going with her, we have become great friends since meeting on this website, am really hoping we will meet other ladies from cake decor too, so if anyone else is going on Saturday 9th november would love to see you there! hopefully we will have some pictures for you then Raewyn!! :-)

Laura Loukaides

I will be at Cake International on the 9th November too!!
It would be lovely to meet some people there, even though I am painfully shy.
I can’t wait to go, ive never been before but being in the same room as people who love the same thing as you is going to be amazing!! – Counting the days!! Xx

Elli Warren

Hi Laura! thats wonderful that your going on the same day! would be lovely to meet and say hello, i will pm you some details and hopefully will see you there! :-) x

It's a Cake Thing

Rae..I’m looking forward to meeting you and Jacinta from Kidacity when I travel across the world to Australia in January! Now that will be a great start to the new year meeting you two lovely ladies. I can’t wait….

I am going to have to see who else I can put on my list to see while I’m in OZ!

I did just recently meet some lovely Canadian cake decorators- Sam from Evie & Mallow, Chrissie Boon from Icing Inpirations and will be attending Cake Carnival in a few short weeks where I will get to meet Marina Sousa, James Roselle, Elisa Strauss, Mary Mahar, Joshua John Russell AND Karen Portaleo…

Pinch me now!!!!