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How to start a home based cakery business

I am in Alabama, I want to start my own home based cake business, but before I do that would like to find out about the laws and regulations. I would appreciate if I could be given some guidance how to go about.



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Naheed, have you talked to your local Department of Public Health? They will be the ones who will grant the license, so they can advise and direct you. The hard part will be finding the right person (who knows and cares). You also need to check with local county and city zoning authorities to be sure there aren’t any issues with your location. Good luck!

Cakes and Beyond by Naheed

Thanks Peggy for the information.
No, I have not contacted the Dept. of Public Health yet. I am still in the learning stage but eventually will go the business route. I am aware that Alabama has the Cottage Food law, will be looking into it. In the meantime will just enjoy the passion I have which is making cakes from family and friends :)

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The Cottage Food Law has restrictions – in Florida you are only allowed to make up to $15K a year, you need to display a label including all the ingredients used, you also need to let the consumer know that the cake was made in a Cottage Food opration that is not subject to Florida’s food safety regulations and lastly, you need to put your name and address on the label. They also have restrictions as to what you can make – but, at least you are allowed to start a modest home-based business to test the waters. If you are successful, you can branch out and rent out a commercial kitchen. I suggest that you contact the regulatory department in your State for their guidelines. Good luck!


only $15K?? that’s a bummer :( but at least that’s something. i know it’s been a long fight for Florida, and i’m glad the cottage food law passed!

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Me too and just in time – LOL!!!


I’m so lucky to be in WY…right now people here are trying to get a bill passed to allow home-based milk,eggs, cheese and meat to be sold ….just about anything else is totally allowed right now! We are such a small state, as far as population goes, that sometimes it’s just way easier to buy eggs from a neighbor than to drive 65 miles to a Wal-Mart.


As of right now from what I have found Alabama has a cottage law allowing baked goods. here is a link to the info for it.
Here in Texas, we just got our cottage law passed. It is wonderful, Just make sure you check with your state comptroller about tax information.