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500 Members! 1

We are now over 500 cake decorators!!! Congratulations CakesDecor and Michal!

Michal Bulla

CakesDecor Welcome Contest 3

To celebrate the official launch of our, we’re excited to announce the CakesDecor Welcome Contest to reward our first active members… Every week we’ll be giving away one CakesDecor T-shirt (see image below). On December 5 and...

Michal Bulla

CakesDecor Welcome Contest - 4th week winner 2

We are in the middle of our CakesDecor Welcome Contest and it’s time to select the 4th week random winner. We’re still growing and now we have 476 cake decorators to choose from. I’m looking forward to reach the milestone 500 members. The 4th...

Michal Bulla

Daily Top 3 Badge for the way-back-when posted cakes 2

After launching the Daily Top 15 listing on the home page as well as the badging the Daily Top 3 cakes, we were thinking if it’s fair to those, who posted lots of cakes(some of you posted almost all of your cakes) before. To reward the...


Ideas 13

OK, so I hope no one minds, but I thought I’d share some things I think would make this site extra awesome! OK, here goes my list (apologies if it’s long lol) 1. Really not liking the ‘randomness’ factor of the competitions – as cake...

Michal Bulla

Happy Thanksgiving Day 3

I would like to wish happy Thanksgiving day to all our members, who celebrate this holiday. I hope everybody will have the opportunity to spend time with friends and family to celebrate the true meaning of the holiday. Enjoy the turkey and...

Michal Bulla

CakesDecor Welcome Contest - 3rd week winner 0

Yesterday, I was not able to announce the 3rd week winner of our Welcome Contest, but I hope the winner won’t be mad if I make an announcement today. We’re still growing and now we have 436 cake decorators to choose from. The 3rd week winner...


how to search forums? 3

Is there a way to search forums for specific keywords? Do I just not see it? Is there a way to search the forum content for something, not just the tags? If I click on a tag in a previous forum post (e.g. “question”), it says: Cake...

Top 3 Badge 7

Hi I have received a top 3 badge, but it doesn’t seem to be working. Any ideas? Thanks Clair

PetiteSweet-Cake Boutique

Am I doing something wrong? 5

Could anyone help me, i’m clicking on the follow button but my page is saying following none., i’m a bit confused.

Strawberry Lane Cake Company

Members Signatures with website links 1

Hello everyone. Something I noticed when trying to click on people’s links in their signatures is that website links that don’t have http:// before www. will not link directly and you have to copy and paste the address. I did the same and...

Michal Bulla

Daily Top 15 Cakes list is here 11

Daily Top Cakes list have been the most requested feature in the recent weeks. Now you can enjoy it on the CakesDecor home page. I decided to show 15 most active cakes in the past 24 hours. This list is refreshed periodically during the...


new forum for cake competitions, events, TV shows, etc? 5

I would like to suggest a new specific forum for non-virtual cake related competitions, trade shows, events, classes, TV shows, and other media. Lots of us are “very interested” to “heavily involved” with cake things all around the world!

Michal Bulla

CakesDecor Welcome Contest - 2nd week winner 3

Hou hou, it’s monday 14th and that means that it’s time for a random draw. We have 365 cake decorators to choose from. It’s 207 more than the last week. If I could, I would like to give a T-shirt to each of you :). The 2nd week winner of our...

Michal Bulla

CakesDecor Welcome Contest - 1st week winner 3

Hou hou, it’s monday 7th and that means that it’s time for a random draw. We have 158 cake decorators to choose from and still growing. The 1st week winner of our cakesdecor T-shirt is: Corrie Congratulations Corrie. I will contact you...

Ann-Marie Youngblood

Is there a lace we can share tutorials? 1

Is there a section we can share tutorials we have made or know of to help each other?


no place for recipes? 6

it’d be nice to have a section of the site devoted to posting recipes so we can refer to them to other members.

Michal Bulla

Halloween Contest - And the winner is ... 1

I would like to thank to all members who participated in our first contest and to all who helped us to share it as well. Finally we there were 13 halloween cakes posted for random draw(for generating random number I used Here is...