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Sandra Smiley

Daily Top 3 Page Frozen 6

It appears that the Daily Top 3 page has been frozen for about four days. Please help!

Regency style ornament, spherical fruitcake base 0

Hi, I found this site when I came upon a picture of a beautiful edible ornament , a sphere of fruitcake frosted with the smooth pale blue and intricate ivory designs of fancy porcelain from the Regency Period. I tried to find more information...

Konstantina - K & D's Sweet Creations

Daily top 3 problem 4

Has anyone else noticed that daily top3 hasn’t change for days?

Sandra Smiley

Daily Top Three Frozen 17

Is it just me or has the Daily Top Three choices remained the same for several days?


My browse is not working 0

Hello, Please help me out, I can not post my cakes, the browser is not opening from my cakesdecor account. Thank you, Imaginecakes.

Search function not working 0

Hello all, I’ve just joined and can’t find I help button as the search function does not work on anything at all. I’ve tried tutorials and it just comes back to same screen. Can anyone advise please. I’m looking for ideas and tips on light...

Mustafa Kansu

Thank you so much 1

Thank you for choosing me to Cake Decorator of the week. I am very happy that you like my work. Thank you all very much for your support. @pastasanatcisi


Daily top 3 4

I would like to ask again about the missing Daily top 3 widget that used to be on the photos of the cake received by an email. This is the third time that it happened. What could be the problem? I really like the photos with the widget by Cakes...

Karen's Cakes And Bakes.

Changes to website. 2

Hi all,is it just me or are you all experiencing this since the new changes were made? I see less comments and likes on people’s cakes and my last cake never even seemed to appear on the Facebook home page and only a few people seemed to have...

Daily top 3 0

Hi I wonder if someone could help me. I received an email yesterday telling me that one of my cakes was in the daily top 3. As this was the first time I had received this I was thrilled, but a little deflated to not be able to see it on the...

Sweet Dreams by Heba

Daily Top 3 Badge 7

I have not received an email with my badge for my cake that reached DT3. Anyone know why or where I can get it? In the past, it was emailed to me, but I’ve checked and don’t see it there.

Catalina Anghel azúcar'arte

Big problem uploading images 3

lately is a struggle to upload images…Today I managed to upload 1 cake after 1 month trying.. I wanted to upload another and is impossible. From my pc I can´t as it says my images are too big and from my phone it kicks me out of the page after...

Seize The Cake

Cake Decorator of the week 5

Thank you Cakesdecor for the great honor to be Cake Decorator of the week and many thanks to all lovely members for liking and commenting on my cakes. Ioannis xx.


Trouble Uploading pics 11

Is it just me or is anyone else having this problem. I could only upload one pic and when I tried to upload another it just doesn’t.

Amanda Earl Cake Design

Uploading 7

Hi All I can’t seem to upload any new cakes at the moment. It’s been an issue since yesterday morning. Anyone else having problems? Amanda x


Can't comment! 13

Is just me or anyone else have this message back, when commenting?

Sweet Dreams by Heba

Canceling a post 12

I’ve changed the original post The comments below do not apply to my question here** How do I cancel a post? I only see the EDIT button.

Sweet Dreams by Heba

Top 3 Cookies 12

I’ve changed the original post The comments below do not apply to my question here** Will you be considering creating a Top 3 for cookies, like there is the cakes?? :) Or have the cookies incorporated into the Top 3 Cakes?? :)

Leah Jeffery- Cake Me To Your Party

"Like" Button? 3

When someone writes a nice comment on your photo, I don’t see an option to let them know you ‘like’ their comment. Is the only way to acknowledge them to write a personal message?


Maybe i'm wrong... 25

Hello! I do not have many cakes as others have decorator.I make cakes only as a hobby and just for my family. There are many wonderful cakes from mine but I think ,sometimes, we had works more beautiful than others who have been to daily top...