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Bety'Sugarland by Elisabete Caseiro

Is the home page frozen? 1

I’ve noticed that there are several cakes on home page for more than one day. Is it frozen or is it just me?


Delete a cake or account? 2

how do you remove one of your cakes or account..I can not find the options anywhere!! =(

Cakeicer (Shirley)

Gumpaste 12

I know we have forums on many subjects, but is it possible to have a forum for gumpaste, as in figures? And gumpaste, as in sugar flowers? We have some really good sugar florwer artists and those who model in gumpaste. It would be nice to just be...

Sweet Side of Cakes by Khamphet

Homepage is freezing!!! 7

It’s only me or it’s homepage really freezing since hours????

Sweet Dreams by Heba


Is it just me or has the home page not changed at all for almost the entire day today??

Michal Bulla

New Notifications System 24

Hey all, as I mentioned in a forum topic the other day, we moved our notification emails to a new email service provider today. I believe it will be more reliable and everything will work well. If you experience any difficulties, please let...


Can't vote in frozen awards 2

I cannot not vote each time it says sorry something went wrong…. Does another one have the same problem?

Sweet Side of Cakes by Khamphet

Is Homepage frozen...????? 15

Is it just me or has homepage not changed for the last several days?!… If it’s just me so please forgive me! xx


HELP- How do you edit your cake description 1

I just submitted my Frozen cake for the competition and I accidentally put to "a"s in Castle and I just want to fix that.

Angel Rushing

Collaborations? 10

Hi, I’ve seen several collaborations over the past years but have never participated in any. I would love to try doing this but don’t know how to go about getting into a group. Any advice would be much appreciated.

jen lofthouse

notifications 4

hi is it just me or is everyone getting hardly any new cakes i used to get about 30 on a evening and again on a morning but lately most day’s only 10 new cakes ,are people just posting less ?i can’t understand why .have lot’s of friend disliked...

Bety'Sugarland by Elisabete Caseiro

Is the home page frozen? 6

It seems to me that the hope page is stuck at least for the last 3 or 4 hours. Do you experience the same?

Cakes and Takes

Need help 1

Hey everyone, I just entered the wrong cake into a contest., Anyone know how I can switch it? Cakes and Takes

Sweet Dreams by Heba

Homepage is stuck! 7

I don’t know about you all, but it looks to me that Homepage has been stuck for two days now…what’s going on? Just about nothing is moving around. I hope Michal has take notice of it and this will be resolved very soon. Anyone else seeing this...

Jenny Kennedy Jenny's Haute Cakes

Is the Home Page frozen??? 4

Anyone know why the home page seems to be stuck?

Sweet Side of Cakes by Khamphet

Is Homepage frozen...????!!! 4

Is it just me or has homepage not changed for the last several hours?!… If it’s just me so please forgive me! xx


Traveling with projects 0

Hi, I am an enthusiastic hobbyist who hopes to take my cake talents to the next level by attending classes at the “Cake Fest” in Louisiana in April. I will be flying to the event and will have class projects to bring home as well as any products...

How to make an Olaf cake with head held high 6

this cake i want an idea how to make it like that


Are notifications email down? 5

Haven’t received a single one today. Or is it just me?

Shani's Sweet Creations

Anyone else getting suspiciously spammy private messages?? 25

Just wondering if anyone else is getting private messages that are suspiciously spammy wanting you to click a link called Legit or not?