Knitted Heart Tutorial

This is an easy step by step tutorial of making the knitted heart from my favorite wedding cake. 1/ tools needed: cream and brown coloured sugar paste CMC powder (carboxymethylcellulose)...

Painted heart detailing

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Free Video TUTORIALS #5: How to make a NICE 2D HEART

Here’s a new FREE TUTORIAL! The 5 ielle’s TIPS to make a nice 2D SHAPE (HEART Lollipop) in fondant Activate SUBTITLES IN YOUR LANGUAGE!

The Pink Cake Box Tutorials #1: Heart Baked Cucpakes

This is how we made our very popular Valentine’s Heart Baked Cupcakes ~ First off bake a thin red sponge – this needs to be about 2cm thick but be careful not to overbake it as you will be...

How to make a mini love heart in a plant pot video tutorial :)

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Valentine heart bloom tutorial

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Wafer Paper #14: Valentine's Day Cake Decor | Wafer Paper Tutorial + free template

Are you going to celebrate Valentine’s day? What are you making? In this tutorial, you will learn how to use an edible silver leaf with wafer paper, color and cut hearts, and even make it...

How to make Cheeky Chocolate Shopkins out of fondant

Hi Sweeties! Everyone is going crazy for these cute little Shopkins, and my favorite is Cheeky Chocolate, that is why I made this cake topper! And which one is your favorite?

Geometric Cake Heart - Buttercream Cake Tutorial

Hi and welcome back to my kitchen. This week I am going to be making geometric cake hearts in 2 different sizes, and using these to decorate a buttercream cake. In the tutorial I...

Free Video TUTORIALS #6: 3 easy WAYS to make a 3D HEART

Here’s a new FREE TUTORIAL! 3 easy WAYS to make a 3D HEART in Fondant for decorating a Valentine’s Day cake Activate SUBTITLES IN YOUR LANGUAGE!