Knitted Heart Tutorial

This is an easy step by step tutorial of making the knitted heart from my favorite wedding cake.

1/ tools needed:
cream and brown coloured sugar paste
CMC powder (carboxymethylcellulose)
edible glue
silicone mould putty (which is safe to use with food)
plastic knife
big heart-shaped cutter

2/ Take a bit of the brown sugar paste (approximately 25g) and add in a pinch of CMC. Knead well. Alternatively you can use a ready-to-use flower paste. Using the extruder, make a long strand shape and divide it into 4 equal parts.

3/ Take two of the strands and cross them over in a braided pattern (e. g. left over right). Repeat with the other pair (right over left). They should look like 2-strand braids. Try to make them even.

4/ Now put both braids next to each other and glue them together with edible glue. Cut off the ends and let it dry for 24 hours.

5/ Next day, make your own silicone mould using the hardened braid and silicone putty.

6/ Dust the inside of the mould lightly with starch, press the sugar paste in and place in the freezer for 1-2 minutes. Carefully take the finished braid out of the mould. Make a few more braids the same way.

7/When you have enough braids to fill the cutter, put them on a baking sheet, glue together with edible glue and cut out a heart.

8/ Let the heart rest for about half an hour and then glue to the fondant covered cake.

9/ Make the brown braids the same way as the cream ones. I cut them lenghtways to make the top part of the cake.



Very clever, thank you for sharing. It looks much easier than I expected.


thanks for sharing!!! looks so gorgeous!! Ü

That is one beautiful cake! thanks for sharing so much!

Nancy (Nancy's Fancy's Cakes & Catering)

Grea tutorial! Thanks for sharing!

Marlene - CakeHeaven

Wonderful!! Thank you so much!

Julia Hardy

Michaela this is perfect timing xx I’ve got a cake to do soon with a knitting basket in it so you couldn’t have shared this at a better time xx Thank you so much!!


Gorgeous cake and fab tutorial … Thank you for sharing xx

Lou, S.Yorks UK

You are welcome ladies! And thank you for such nice comments! x


Fantastic, thanks for sharing Michaela xx

sugar and art - perfect combination!