I started decorating cakes in 2013. A part time hobby has become a full time job and I love love love it! I'm so lucky to able to make cakes for so many special occasions.
I am based in Horsforth in Leeds, England.
If you would like to look at my work please take a look at http://zoesfancycakes.co.uk/ (currently being updated)or you can find me on Facebook and Instagram please search Zoe's Fancy Cakes I also have a You Tube channel where I have tutorials that everyone can watch. To see the videos please subscribe to my channel (its free).

Thank you


Love your cakes Zoe ! X Lisa x

Lisa Salerno Bespoke Cakes

You are flippin’ Amazing!!! Awesome talent, lovely cakes!

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Hi Zoe..I love your cakes…new follow from me :) Enza xx


I can’t believe you’re a part timer! Amazing work x

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Beautiful creations! New follow from me :)

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ohhhhh found you on here now as well as facebook… love your work a huge big new follow from me
Clare x

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Zoe, I have just looked through all your photos and I am blown away by your skill. You have such a wonderful way with your modelling and make the prettiest ladies I have ever seen on a cake! :-). New follow here! :-)

Julia Hardy