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Hi All,

I found my love of baking was I was young and in school... I always made cakes for the family birthdays but as I got older I found other interests.....
move forward about 14 years I was getting very bored on maternity leave with my second child so enrolled in an evening cake decoration/sugar craft course... I made a few cakes to help me pass the course for people and the rest is history!! ive now been in business for a year and a half and I love it.......... my favourite are def the wedding cakes and I love making sugar flowers.
I still have lots to learn and improve and have so many fellow cakers that I aspire to be like :)
Clare x

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Your sugar flowers are fabulous!! New follow from me :)

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Hi Clare, I just realized I was not following you. Oops. Love your cakes. Your flowers are amazing.

Hi Clare, new follower of your beautiful work!

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Returning the follow, thank you! X

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Thank you so much for the follow, sending one your way too :)

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Thank you everyone :) x x

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Hello Clare. Thanks for visiting my FB page. Sorry for the delay I was very busy and tried to stay away from FB and the net. They are addictive :o) hehe… Your cakes are absolutely stunning. Well done

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Wow beautiful cakes, thanks for the follow, a big follow in return xxxxx

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Hi Clare! Thank you! Your cakes are gorgeous & your sugar flowers exquisite!

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thank you :) x x

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Hi Clare. How can I not follow ur wonderful creations! Thanks so much for dropping by!xoxo

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thanks, new follow for you too :*

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Lovely cakes Clare :-)

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