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CakesDecor Flashback 2014 #2: Member Voices

Cakesdecor has been a great source of information & inspiration, whether your a beginner or a pro, there is always some one to help you, or teach you some thing new, it’s a great source of knowledge; Been able to look at other peoples work, is excellent for giving me inspiration and new ideas; Plus been able to show your own work, allows others to comment and share, there views and opinions, which gives you confidence in your own work, to try new techniques and ideas. It is a great place to make new friends, who share an interest in the same thing as yourself, i have always found Cakesdecor, and all it’s members, to be very friendly, helpful and encouraging.

Zoe Robinson

I have a really soft spot for CakesDecor as it is a place that has helped me to forge real, strong and lasting friendships in the cake decorating community. I’ve met so many lovely people from this site and have found them all to be nothing but supportive and encouraging which is a refreshing change considering how competitive this industry can be. Posting my first cake on this site really opened my eyes to the world of social networking for cakes in general. I became more active on my own Facebook page that I’ve had for years as a result and met even more lovely cakers, many whom have since also joined CakesDecor. I’ve been on other sites before but CakesDecor has by far the best ambience!!

Violet Cake Shop

I first joined CakesDecor 2years ago as a novice cake decorator. What attracted me was the amount of talent and gorgeous cakes on the website and this inspired me greatly. I received a very warm welcome from the first day I joined and now have so many wonderful friends from all around the world. CakesDecor really is one big family!!
Whenever help or advise is needed my CakesDecor friends are always there for me as I am for them.
I have learnt so much since I joined, this truly is such a wonderful website!! I think its plain to see just how much I love CakesDecor!!

Elli Warren

When I started my cake journey, I went looking for a place where I could share my creations, get inspiration and learn more skills in cake decorating.
I found Cakesdecor in May 2013. I signed up, which is by far the best decision I have ever made.
In this time, since joining, I have met the most amazing people who so willingly share their skills, advice, recipes, all at no cost to me!
I have made the most wonderful friendships with people worldwide. Everyone is so supportive and willing to help. I also get to see masterpieces from incredibly talented people, all on one site!
Cakesdecor is an invaluable treasure trove for me!


I am a hobby baker and I joined cakes decor over a year ago, since then ive met hundreds of new cake friends (from all around the world!) that are so nice and willing to help with any problem.
Ive had a wonderful experience sharing my creations with everyone, and getting helpful, positive feedback.
Cakes decor is the first place I come to for advice and help with my projects and I have learnt a lot from the tutorials and blogs. There is no better community to view stunning cakes and meet like minded people.

SugarMagicCakes (Christine)

CakesDecor has become such an essential networking site for all of us cake makers, not only do you get to admire the incredible work of others, but you also get to watch people grow in their talents, and, you get to make some really good friends! Every single member of CakesDecor is always so friendly and supportive, whether you need advice on stacking, covering, painting, sculpting or transporting a cake, someone will always be there to help you! It’s amazing how people from all over the world gather in one place to share and appreciate each others work!

What I love the most about CakesDecor is how rewarding it is. There are so many ways that you can get your work recognised and celebrated, for example, The Daily Top 3 – where the top 3 cakes of the day are displayed on the CakesDecor homepage, and all other social networking sites! It’s such a sense of achievement for us cake makers to reach this on CakesDecor because not only do you gain confidence by seeing that your work is having a positive response, but you have also been recognised by those who work in your industry!

CakesDecor really is THE place to be if you want to share, admire and learn everything there is to know about cake!

Laura Loukaides

I discovered Cakes Décor through my good friend Raewyn Read back in 2012. I thoroughly enjoy my membership here and probably spend more time here than I do on other cake related sites right now. It is a friendly warm sharing community for cake artists from all over the world. Some are hobby bakers and some (like me) are running a small business. I have not only been involved in posting up my cakes, but also in assisted in the giveaways with hand-painted aprons for the quarterly awards. I even did the Quarterly Gazette once which I really enjoyed the experience of.
I personally like to greet all new members who come and introduce themselves as it makes them feel more at home, and I see quite a few others do too. I think the blogs and forums are a great idea as it encourages interaction and assistance between the bakers as some are highly experienced and others are just starting out, so they really get to benefit.
The volume of cakes being posted on a daily basis is quite remarkable, so it just proves how popular it is. It gives each person an opportunity to build up a portfolio. The introduction of key-words in search engines provides an extended service for those looking for specific themes.
I have shared links to Cakes Décor on Facebook and Pinterest (in some of my albums) and Instagram to raise the awareness of this fabulous happy and sharing community at Cakes Décor. Its been a pleasure to watch this great Cake Community grow in my past two years here as a member.
Many thanks to Michal Bulla and all the Team at Cakes Décor for the opportunity for us all.


“Hi!! My name is Ana Remígio and as most of you know I don´t have any formal training or course in cake decorating (not even a workshop), I’m just a self-taught artist and a great admirer of the cake design.
Four years ago I decided to create a Facebook page – " CUPCAKES & DREAMS Portugal " , where I started to put some photos of my cupcakes and shared many other famous cake designers, never expecting nor dreaming that someday I could create cakes at the level of those that once I only contemplated and admired.
Completely surrendered to the art of the cake design, and as most of you, I began to share pictures of my cakes on some prestigious Facebook pages and their support encouraged me… Somewhere on the internet, I found CakesDecor and noticed that some of the great names were there and thought it would be interesting to have great references that eventually could comment on one of my cakes and I started to post all my cakes there… and having great feedback from everybody. I was so proud and happy, as I always say; it was the beginning of a love story!
When I joined CakesDecor we were 4 000 cake decorators…now, after almost 3 years we reach the amazing number of nearly 24 000… how amazing is that??? And let me tell you, as a hobby cake decorator, I never ever intended or even expected that cake decorating and this website would change my life forever… but it did!!
CakesDecor not only gave me knowledge and inspiration but as well as projection and world recognition… something that I could never imagine…or hope for…above all it gave me some of the most amazing friendships I could ever ask for.
It is gratifying to be part of a website/community where you can find great names of cake design but also unknown charming people, that share the same passion, where our work can be recognized and appreciated without preconceptions, where sharing and mutual aid always wins, where inspiration is endless!
THANK YOU CakesDecor!!!

Ana Remígio

When I first started cake decorating it was quite daunting as I felt so insignificant in a world of hugely talented people. I then came across CakesDecor and as soon as I joined and posted my first few cakes I got lovely feedback which made me feel so amazing.
It’s a great place to get help too, you can post a question and you will quickly get lots of advice and tips. Lots of great tutorials are posted, I have used many to help me with my cakes, I have also posted a few of my own.
The best thing about CakesDecor is all the new friends I have made, it’s great interacting with everyone and following each others work. I love to see new people join and comment on their work, I hope to help make them feel as welcome as I did when I first joined.

For the love of cake (Laylah Moore)

I joined cake’s decor in November 2012 it was the first year i started to decorate, and i think coming on here and seeing all the amazing cakes really encouraged to push myself to be better . Two years later and i have made some lovely friends and learnt so much, the atmosphere on here really is great . Being able to share my work from here to site’s such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest has helped my exposure greatly and i have now been invited to teach what i have learnt.


As a hobby baker I had absolutely no idea how to get my work out there..never really gave it a second thought? I’ve made my children’s cakes yearly and close friends started asking me to create that special cakes for their babies and family.
I joined Cakesdecor back in May 2013 after noticing a fellow caker posting her daily top 3 picture on her page thinking. .wow how fantastic she is! I wanted to explore the unknown and subribed to Cakesdecor. …It’s free! I thought. ..and wow ….all those fantastic cakes. A bit addictive really!
My first cake was given a positive comment….and what more does anyone need than encouragement? …. (well as a self taught hobby baker this was amazing! Not knowing the extend of friends I’ll meet here, I uploaded some cakes…just for fun…hoping someone would notice. (As you do right?) When my first daily top 15 notification popped up I was over the moon! Wow! Such an amazing, massive variety of artists and my little cake made it to nr.8 that day! Suddenly my followers list exploded into a massive influx of support, I’ve linked my Facebook page and that’s probably was the start of me thinking: ..“.Wow, I can do this”.
I loved finding so many new friends. As a hobby page I did not need to gain customers, but all my new friends gave me such a big smile. I LIVE AND LOVE our Cakesdecor community. … struggling to find a day where I don’t log in to support someone! Such a friendly bunch! No nastiness, no jealousy. ..just a beautiful enriching community!
So many great features… pinning loads of amazing artist’s work for encouragement!
Cakesdecor really became the heart of my inspiration….I’ve seen so many designs, ideas and also techniques. ..so many new friends.
I can call it my other home !


Cakesdecor is an amazing community of talented cake decorators who are so supportive and friendly, always ready to help if you have any questions. I’ve been an active member of Cakesdecor for 1,5 years now. I am very grateful to CD for not just because you can showcase your creations and see all gorgeous cakes of other cake artists, but also to have so much support to build your confidence and encouraged by others to become a better artist. Also grateful for helping to find so many incredible “cake” friends who have a similar interest as myself. It’s just amazing how many friends I found through Cakesdecor! Thank you so much, Michal, for keeping us together!


I joined CakesDecor in January 2012 when I saw Peggy Does Cake post on Facebook about a new cake web page that had just started. It is amazing how much CakesDecor has grown these past few years! I have felt welcomed here from the very beginning, even though I am a hobby baker, who only bakes for family and friends. Everyone here is so warm and welcoming, and always so willing to help others and share their knowledge, triumphs, and tragedies in the world of cake making. I have made some very close and wonderful friends from all over the world through Cakes Decor. I am in awe of the amazing talent, and lovely cakes that are posted here daily. I visit CakesDecor at least 5 or 6 times a day (usually more), to catch up on the latest tutorials or forums, and most of all of admire all of the gorgeous creations.
Thank you Michal for creating such a wonderful site!


‘CakesDecor is a great meeting point for extraordinarily talented cake decorators, an amazing showcase for one’s cakes and also an unlimited source of inspiration. I have been a member of CakesDecor for a little over a year now and in this short time I have made great friends from all over the world, got many ideas for my own cakes and learned a lot of new techniques. All the amazing cakes, tutorial and all its other features, together with its warm, friendly and very supportive atmosphere, keep me glued to this site each day and I have to admit that I enjoy every minute of it!’

Marlene – CakeHeaven

When I joined CakesDecor in September 2012, I knew no one in the cake industry and I had no followers; I remember two ladies who always commented on my cakes, Ana and Goreti; they gave me the courage to continue posting my cakes and I did. As the months passed, I started gaining more confidence, I wanted to improve and started checking other people’s cakes, scoured the site to find answers to my questions and I did. Along my two-year journey on CD, I met fabulous and amazingly talented people. I made friendships that I cherish more than anything. CakesDecor became like a second home to me; there is not one day that I don’t check, sometimes several times per day, love to see what others are posting, love the interaction and above all, it feels like a big international family to me. That’s what makes CakesDecor so special.


My name is Linasari (Sweetlin), i joined CakesDecor since February 2013. I love to be there because i can share my work with other people. CakesDecor also a place where i can find inspiration to make my cake. Not only inspiration but also a source to learn and share some technique of cake decorating. Just only in one year, i found alot of cakey friends and some of them really become my best friend and they all around of the world. I just want to say thank you to Cakesdecor for being a place to share, to find a friend, to learn, to promote my work, and inspiration.

Sweet Lin

3 Years ago I started my cake journey, I had no idea really where to go or who to ask for advice and was looking for answers when I found CD. I knew my work still needed lots of help but CD was a place where I could post my work and not feel like I was getting laughed at. Michal has made many changes along the way to try and help those new to the site to get seen better which has made the site even better in my opinion.
I now have a lovely following, so many truly wonderful friends that I would never have had thru any other site and a feeling of belonging. If you are new to CD my advice is do not give up or get discouraged, keep posting and working hard. Reach out to others and most will reach back. CD is a place where true friendships are forged and much learning can be done. Don’t sit back and just post cakes, comment and like on others as well as… that is how we all interact and get to know each other.
Michal, thank you for giving us a place to call home! You have allowed the world to see us and our work like no other site does. You are supportive of all but especially the new people coming in, you really do go above and beyond making sure they feel accepted here. You have given the cake community especially those of us new to the industry a support group like no other. Thank you, Big hugs to all! Shags….


Hello my Cakes Decor family
Michal asked me to write a note about my experience with Cakes Decor. I was happy to do so.
Hmmm, where do I start, I guess at the beginning. I have a lovely cakey friend, Goreti, who told me about this great cake site she found, Cakes Decor. I investigated, and instantly fell in love. I joined in 2012. I was very much impressed with the wonderful cakes, forum and blog posts, which have only improved over time. It didn’t take long before CD became a 2nd home, albeit an additive one!!! I found as I favoured other decorators, I made friends. Friends whom I could learn from and interact with. Friends willing to share there decorating tips and tricks. Everyone here on CD has been so kind and generous. If you need advice..help….it’s here. Michal asked me…“What do you get from Cakes Decor”? There isn’t a week that goes by I haven’t learned something from this site. So many wonderful cakes, gumpaste figures, sugar flowers and informative blog posts and cool tutorials to favour and use for inspiration and learning. I know my decorating as improved exponentially. And I have CD to thank for that. Helped improve my decorating skills, enough so, that many of my creations make top 15 and a few were fortunate enough to make Top 3 here on CD. How great is that!!
In a nutshell…Cakes Decor has made me a better decorators, given me wonderful friends and hours of cakey pleasure. I’d say I certainly have been blessed by Cakes Decor being part of my life.


I joined Cakes Décor less than a year ago in Dec 2013. It was recommended by Toni (White Crafty Cakes)…and I quote her words… “you will love it there!”. Well she was soooo right!

Right from the start the site was so friendly and welcoming. New cake friends Goreti, June (Jchuck), Luna, Marlene (CakeHeaven) and Kath (Cakemummy) instantly made me feel at home. I found many familiar faces with facebook pages here… Toni, Calli, Ana, Elli, Dina (miettes)…and the list goes on!

The “community atmosphere” was so fantastic… there were beginners and experts as members, but it didn’t matter what level you were at. The forums were always so helpful and encouraging.

There were so many positives. As a self-confessed “cake addict”, I could engage with posts and “fave” as many pics as I liked, without boring my non-caking friends to death!

A big bonus for me, was being able to “follow” all my favourite cakey friends… and being able to see EVERY cake, blog and forum entry… as soon as it was posted. (And my friends could see mine, too!)

I can also scroll through the daily feed, to see all the new cake postings, without seeing the same cake image, doing the rounds 1000 times! (Ok, that’s an exaggeration… but you know what I mean).

It is wonderful to see how some of the members have progressed in their skill level, and have enjoyed being able to do the same.

The formula for making it to “home page” and daily top 3, is a closely guarded secret, but I love that it gives newer members (that haven’t had a chance to gain followers), a more even playing field. Not an advantage for mega-awesome people like Calli and Laura, but then, their work is so fantastic, they usually get there anyway.

In the short time that I have been here, I have seen Michal and Martin continually making improvements to the site. The new improved “search” engine is terrific! Just one word, and all the best cake images pop up! Instant inspiration at your fingertips!
Michal is always so accessible and helpful as well.

Well, I could rattle on here forever, but I think I’ve made my point… CakesDecor is an amazing site for any caker to be part of.


When I first stumbled upon cakesdecor, I was in awe of everyone’s beautiful creations but very hesitant to share any of my own I knew that mine were not in the same league. After a couple of days of scrolling through all the pictures, I finally decided to join. Once I posted the photos of my work, I was pleasantly surprised. Everyone was so nice and did not make me feel like my work was inferior but instead focused on the positive. This gave me the little boost of confidence that I needed. I have also learned a lot from everyone and have been inspired by their work. With cakesdecor, I feel like I have friends all over the world. It is a great feeling. The only problem I can find with it is that I spend way too much time on the site. I promise myself that I will only take a quick peek and before you know it I have been on for hours because everything is so beautiful and I just had to let them know.


In August 2012, a posting by Rock Cakes on FB introduced me to CakesDecor, whereupon I immediately discovered a world of decorators at all levels that share the same love and who are eager to exchange knowledge and experiences. Information is vast and quick to find and (unlike other sites), I never miss an update or notification.

The Daily Home Page system, which links up with the main social networks, provides the opportunity for extra exposure to our cakes that might otherwise pass unnoticed. An extra advantage for me is, I do not have a professional website so I use the link to my CD page as my gallery.

On behalf of hundreds who I know feel the same way, thank you to Michal and team for all your hard work which has brought the cake community together. The structure keeps us under the same roof and enables us to form solid friendships and link up with hundreds of decorators across the globe who willingly share their skills to make this cake world a better place.

Fiona Evans

“I´m an spanish cake artist and CakesDecor for me was a revelation. At my country there are very talented people but this beautiful art is rather new there. First of all there was a fever of cake decorating but right now is when true artists are starting to be seen.
A friend of mine who is an extremely talented cake decorator and a true artist, Isabel from Tartas Imposibles told me about an amazing cake decorating site, CakesDecor. So I gave it a try and registered, I entered my first cake and took a look at the cakes… I felt so happy when I started seeing such amazing cake artists! A huge community with the same madness as me! Hahaha All gathered here from all over the world! I was day and night connected. There are so many and unique ways of making cakes!

But it was even better to start talking to all of them! Yes, here´s such a beautiful and friendly atmosphere. If you have a doubt there´s many people trying to help you. I have met so many kind people here.
There´s a saying here “Nobody is prophet at his land” and that´s true in my case. Since I entered CakesDecor I met so many people who like my way of making cakes and now I have the triple of followers.

Thank you for all your encouragement. This site rocks!!!!

SweetKOKEKO by Arantxa

-- -- Michal, http://cakesdecor.com | My Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/michal.bulla

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Michal Bulla

Thank you all for your feedbacks. I’m really glad that the mood here is so warm and that you love to come back!!!


Fantastic reading all these testimonies – this is my “other” family <3


CakesDecor is my big cakey family <3 <3 Love to be here xx

Allways Julez

Thrilled to be part of this positive cake community on CD…. friendship, encouragement and support… Thanks to Michal, the team and all members… xxx

Calli Creations

Delighted to be a part of this postive project and valued feedback from designers…thanks Michal and the team….. And thanks to all the amazing cake people in here of which I have got to know many on a personal level. I learn something new every day and this is a great place to do just that as well as positively interact with warm, talented, positive artists. :)

Ana Remígio - CUPCAKES & DREAMS Portugal

I’m really delighted and proud to be part of CakesDecor family!!!
This is still my endless love!!
Thank you Michal and thank you all of you lovely people that make this family grow each day. Cake Hugs!!!! <3

Fifi's Cakes

I was so thrilled to write a little testimonial. With you guys, the cake world ROCKS! :) :) ♥

Thank you!! xx

Michal Bulla

I’m proud of YOU!!!

Toni (White Crafty Cakes)

Thank you Michal for inviting me to share my thoughts about Cakes Decor! So happy to be part of this amazing family!!

CakeHeaven by Marlene

Was very proud to share my thoughts about this amazing CakesDecor family!!! Thanks to everyone for making this place feel so welcome and supportive and a big thank you also to Michal and Martin for all the excellent work they are doing!

Karen's Kakery

CD has been there when ever I needed it most. It’s fantastic members have guided, tutored and mentored me as well as offered support and comfort through some low times these last few years. It’s there 24/7 so when I can’t sleep, or I’m worried about a project I know there’ll always be someone on line to offer advice or just to comment on the fantastic 1000’s of cakes posted. Thank you Michal and everyone on here. Long may we continue to enjoy this truly amazing site xxxxx

Laura Loukaides

I just LOVE being a part of this extremely talented community!! :D
Thank you to EVERYONE on CakesDecor!! SO happy to be a part of this growing family!! xxx

Zoe White

I love CakesDecor, and all that it offers. So happy and excited to be part of such a talented bunch of people xx.

Elli Warren

Was so happy to be able to write a few words on how fantastic and how much we all love this website!! Absolutely agree with every single word written above by the wonderful Cake decor family!!! :-) xx

Happyhills Cakes

I agree, it really adds an extra dimension to the cake making – a different outlook than just that of customers. It’s a huge help and really inspiring to see everyone elses work :)