Toni (White Crafty Cakes)

How wonderful that you were able to follow your dream of starting your own cake business! Good luck with your competition in November!


Thank you for your lovely comments xx


Karen your cakes are so so beautiful !

Karen's Kakery

Ahhh thank you for taking the time to look at them Cake Raga.
Thank you so much xx

Rossella Curti

Thank you a lot for your comment on my top cake!!

Karen's Kakery

You are very welcome Rossella, your work is beautiful xx


Well done Karen, and I hope you continue with your beautiful cakes. Look forward to seeing some more designs.

Karen's Kakery

Thank you Mandy xx

Cake Creations by ME - Mayra Estrada

Hi Karen, your work is beautiful. New follow here and a pleasure meeting you.

Karen's Kakery

Thanks Mayra, pleased to meet you too.
I’ll be following your gorgeous cake work from now on also xx

The Custom Piece of Cake

Thank you very much for follow, I’m now following you to


Thank you for following Karen and nice to meet you, now i’m following you too :)

Roo's Little Cake Parlour

Can’t believe I hadn’t actually followed you Karen, I always see your cakes. Sorry for being so tardy xxx

Karen's Kakery

No worries Roo xx you can’t follow everyone……it takes most of the night to go through all the brilliant cakes posted on here anyway xx

Fancy Favours & Edible Art (Sawsen)

Thanks for the follow, sending one your way too :) your cakes are so impressive! the parisian one especially is just woooowww <3

Karen's Kakery

I’m so glad you like it and thank you for following me too xx

Novel-T Cakes

Your cakes are stunning, following you in anticipation of your next creations 😆

Karen's Kakery

Thanks Novel-T- Cakes, just took a look at your cakes and they’re amazing.. The car that could feed a village is epic xx Following you now too xx Looking forward to seeing your next posts xx

Deepa Pathmanathan

Thanks Karen for the appreciation for my cake:)
A new follower for your lovely cakes..

Karen's Kakery

Thanks Deepa, following you now too xx


New follow from me. Love your cakes.

Karen's Kakery

Aww thank you Ontier……..following you too xx Your cakes are fab xx

Mommy Sue

Such a wonderful talent! I love all your cakes! xoxo

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Hello Sue xx thank you for your lovely comments xx I’m very flattered xx


Love you’re work, you’ve got a new follower :)

Karen's Kakery

Ah thanks Petra xx

Ellie @ Ellie's Elegant Cakery

wow Karen i love your cakes, just amazingx


Love the cakes you make, you now have a new follower xxx

Karen's Kakery

Thank you so much Ellie and Domnaki’s you’re very kind xx

Karen's Kakery

Thank you so much Ellie and Domna you’re very kind xx


Fabulous work and following to see more 😊

Karen's Kakery

Thanks Judy xx I really appreciate your lovely words xx I’m going to have to take a look at your work now too. So I’ll be following you back xx

Kosmic Custom Cakes

Now following your lovely cakes! Can’t wait to see more!

Karen's Kakery

Ahh thanks Kosmic custom cakes xx I’m following you now too. x

K Cakes

Hi Karen. A new follow from me. Your work is lovely and as someone who divides her time between cakes and looking after my mum I can identify with much that you said. It’s never too late to embrace your dreams. Keep on creating and I look forward to following your work.
Lizzie. xx

Nanna Lyn Cakes

Your cakes are brilliant, new follow from me x

Karen's Kakery

Thank you for following my Lyn xx I’ll take a look at your cakes too xx

Who did the cake (Helen Wilkinson)

Thanks for the lovely comment on my cake I’ve just returned to decorating after a very long break and appreciate the positive feedback! Xo

Who did the cake (Helen Wilkinson)

Thanks for the lovely comments on my little black dress cake, Karen xx

Kokoro Cakes by Kyoko Grussu

Hi Karen, thank you very much for the feedback on the powerpuff girls’ tutorial :)

Karen's Kakery

You’re very welcome KokoroCakes xx it was a great tutorial x


Thank you for following me back Karen! :)

Angel Rushing

Really enjoy looking at your follow from me

Karen's Kakery

Hi Angel, thank you for your lovely comments x I’ll take a look at your work now too x

The Cookie Lab by Marta Torres

Thanks a lot Kara for following me and for such nice comments. I do like your work too, and here I´m to appreciate your work. Love that chicken!

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Thank you for following me too Marta x

wisha's cakes

Love your work,follow you;

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Thank you so much Wisha’s cakes xx
You work is stunnin too!!
Following you now also (the floral wedding cake was STUNNING!).


I love your work, you have a new follower

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Thank you so much Bianca xx