my name is Petra, most of my friends call me Peet... I love to make cakes and espacially making figurines for cakes.
About 2 years i'm active with making cakes. I saw an episode of the cake boss and i thought to myself i love it and i will give it a try. And here we are...
I love to see all the creations that you are making and i'll do my best to view them all.
I hope to make lots of new friends...

greetings and hope to hear from you soon xxx


Very wonderful works:) I follow you from Italy


Thank you verry much, it’s an honor :)

Cake my day...

hi Peet happy to see you here and of course you are going to follow with all your beautiful creation

Thank you verry much Carla, i follow you to :)

Cake my day...

Following you now too Peet xx Your cakes are awesome xx


Thank you verry much, i follow you back :)

Cake my day...

Amazing modeling work,new follow

A Tiny Red Dot Bakes

Thank you very much :)

Cake my day...

Hi Petra, your modelling is fantastic! Have a new follower :)


Thank you Clara, i will follow you back :)

Cake my day...

Fabulous modelling Peet – following to catch more :) x


hihi thank you very much and of course i will follow you back xxx

Cake my day...

Hi Peet your cakes are lovely! Now following for more xx

Kristy, Texas - www.facebook.com/KosmicCustomCakes

Such lovely cakes and your modelling is excellent :) x

ellie's elegant cakery

thank you i follow you back xxx

Cake my day...

Hi, hier een nieuwe volger…😉

Amanda Schreuder - Mooistetaart4u

Thank you for all the tutorials this morning Peet – working my way through looking at them all! So kind of you to share all of these xx


thank you very much Petra :)