Artisan Confections by Ana

Hi Elli, thank you very much for your comment. Your work is awesome! I love your creations!!

Elli Warren

Hi! thank you, thats so kind of you, your work is lovely to! look forward to see more!! :-)

Violet - The Violet Cake Shop™

CONGRATS Elli on being Cake Decorator of the Week!!!! You are so sweet and I’m SO happy for you – you SO deserve this! Big Hugs!! =D

Starry Delights

Congratulations hun :) yayyyy :) had a huge smile when I saw you are the decorator of the week :) fantastic xxx

Sweet Janis

Elli,congratulations for being cake decorator of the week:-) so happy to see your name :-))) Xx

Ana Remígio - CUPCAKES & DREAMS Portugal

YYUUPPIII!!! CONGRATULATIONS Elli on being Cake Decorator of the Week!!! So happy for you!!! xxx

Elli Warren

OMG i can’t believe it ladies!! thank you so much for your lovely comments Violet, Yili, Janis,Ana and Bev your all very special ladies, after squealing i feel like i want to cry now, i know I’m nowhere near as talented as most of you on here so it just feels such an honour, can’t tell you how great full i am, thank you so much, big hug xxx

Bellaria Cake Design

Congratulations ! I love your works.

Elli Warren

Thank you so much Bellaria!! thats such a compliment coming from you, Thank you!! :-)


Aww…..Elli CONGRATULATIONS on being the cake decorator of the week. So very very happy for you :-). Your work is awesome and don’t feel any less.

Toni (White Crafty Cakes)

Congratulations Elli on being chosen cake decorator of the week! Your creations are amazing, and so are you! You are such a lovely and supportive person always leaving such sweet comments on everyone’s cakes!


Wooohoooo Elli!! I can’t think of a more deserving person to get this honour! If I lived over there I would come and crack a bottle of champers with you! Huge load of cake love heading your way! Xxxooo :-)


Woohoo… CONGRATS !!! for being the cake decorator of the week, well deserved!

Gulnaz Mitchell

Congratulations, Elli! Absolutely love your cake designs! So bright and “happy”!!! So happy for you, you deserved it!xoxo


Congratulations Elli on being Cake Decorator of the week you deserve it! :-)

Elli Warren

Thank you so much for wonderful comments Sasi, Toni, Kath, Dina, Mitchell and NooMoo!! you are all very lovely, talented ladies and I’m so happy we all met and made friends on this amazing website!! thank you also to all the lovely ladies who left me private messages! big hug xxx :-)

Lisa Salerno

Congratulations elli well deserved x

Elli Warren

Thank you so much Lisa!! x :-)

Unusual cakes for you

Huge congrats on decorator of the week. Your so sweet and totally deserve it :)

Elli Warren

Thank you so much Robin!! your so lovely! :-)


Congrats Elli on being Cake Decorator of the week!! how cool is that! :) xxx

Elli Warren

Thank you so much Keren!! thats really kind!! :-)


Elli, congrats on being the cake decorator of the week!! I’m so happy for you!! <3


Hopefully i’m still on time to congratulate you my dear Elli!!! Well done, you deserve it!!!

Catarina Amaral

Such an amazing work! Congrats :)

Elli Warren

Thank you so much Crys!! thats so lovely of you!! :-)

Nadia i am so honoured that you took the time to leave me such a lovely comment!! i can’t believe it! thank you so much, you absolutely made my day!!! :-)

Thank you so much ODoce!! thats very kind of you!! :-)

Hilary Rose Cupcakes

Yay Cake decorator of the week! so well deserved and thank you for always being encouraging and always leaving such positive comments. Well done x

Hajnalka Mayor

Congratulation Elli! :) xxx

Elli Warren

Thank you so much Hilary! is always a pleasure to comment on your beautiful cakes, thank you again!! :-) x

Thank you so much Hajnalka!! :-) x

Cake Heart

Elli! This doesn’t surprise me! Your work touches so many of us:) Your characters are especially unique, adorable, and sweet, just like you. You’re a kind soul…and it comes through your work . Always leaves me smiling. CONGRATS TO YOU! <3

Elli Warren

Thank you so much Tanya!! i feel so honoured to have you say such lovely comments, you are so kind, i truly appreciate it, i love your cakes too!! they are all beautiful! thank you very much again, big hug xx

Marissa's Sugar & Chocolate Art

Congratulation on being cake decoration of the week Elli! Lovely person and lovely creation!! And you already have your own character in every creation! Big hug.. Xoxo

Elli Warren

Thank you so much Marissa!! thats so kind!! big hug back too you! x


Congratulation Elli!! Your Cakes are amazing!!!! :-)

Elli Warren

Thank you so much Julia!! your very kind! :-)


Amazing works*

Elli Warren

Thank you so much Ana! :-)

SugarMagicCakes (Christine)

Hey elli, I see your following me! So I will follow you too. I love your cakes a very unique style! :)
I used to go on holiday to the isle of man every year as a child, your very lucky, its a beautiful place xx

Elli Warren

Hi christine! love your cakes too! thank you for following me, how lovely that you used to come to the isle of man! a lot of people never know where it is! lol have lived here about 15yrs now, it is very beautiful, just wish the weather was better!! lovely to meet you and look forward to see more of your cakes! :-) x

SugarMagicCakes (Christine)

I look forward to seeing more of your cakes too!
My dad used to be a keen cyclist, so we used to visit the IOM every june for the cycling week that was held there. It was the week after the TT. Im 33 now, not been since I was 14. I think my dad mentioned they have stopped organising that event now. But hes now 70 and has given up riding.
We used to stay in Douglas then travel all over the island. I remember the laxey wheel, castletown and the lovely beach in Port erin! xx

Elli Warren

Thats so nice christine! so lovely that you remember the island, they still do the cycling week but have changed the times now i think it is some time after TT, your dad must have some lovely memories! you would probably see lots of changes from when you were here, we have a Marks and Spencer now!! lol but thats about it! have to go off the island for shopping, shops here are not very good, How cool that you know laxey wheel!! i live in the North of the island in Maughold near Cornaa, don’t know if you visited there? its in the middle of nowhere in the countryside so you may not have been, i see you live in Manchester! i love it there, your so lucky having fantastic shops on your doorstep!! i really miss that! If you ever come back here be sure to let me know!! :-)


Thank you Elli, for your lovely comments on my handcrafted bling shoe.

Elli Warren

Your very welcome! i loved it, was so pretty! I’m really sorry because i was sure i had put into my favourites, just been back to add it!! :-)

The Beverley Way Collection, Beverley Way Designs USA

Thanks for the kind comment on my first cake here! I love your colors and technique with your cakes too. Cute!

Elli Warren

Hi Beverley!! your very welcome! your cake was incredible and beautiful, as is your new one!!! love your work already! thank you for lovely compliment, really look forward to see more of your cakes!! :-)

Gulnaz Mitchell

Thank you so much, lovely Elli! I am truly touched by your message of support! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Love, from Gulnaz.

Elli Warren

Aww thank you Gulnaz, i love your work and am so thrilled for you!! wishing you a wonderful christmas to you and your family too!! big hug :-) x

Rossella Curti

Congrats!!!! You’re a great cake designer!!

Elli Warren

Grazie Rosella!! sei molto gentile! Anche tu sei bravissima!! :-)

lesley hawkins

Congratulations – you are so talented. Such great work. Thank you for being so kind about my cake x

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