Sheryl BITO

love everything that you do, the finesse, the attention to detail. you are wonderful! xx

Raewyn Read Cake Design

Oh Sheryl you have made my day!!!! Thanks so much for such a wonderful compliment. I’ve loved your gorgeous work for so long and never thought you would notice any of mine! Thank you :) xxx

Sarah Ono Jones

Thank you for all the nice compliments! Your cakes are super amazing! :) :) :)


WOW!! I’m in awe that you have only been doing this for a year!!! I have been doing this for 13 and my cakes don’t look half as good as yours! Love your work!!

G Sweets

I am such a fan of your work, Rae!! And as I get to know you even more … I think I am even more a fan of YOU!

Raewyn Read Cake Design

Awww…Sarah! What a lovely thing to say! And the feeling is very mutual! :) xxx

cakes by alyanna

Great details and play of colors! :-)


Just saw that you’re published in this issue of cake central magazine as well!! Congratulations!! You’re work is beautiful.

Raewyn Read Cake Design

Thanks so much Sameen, congratulations to you too, your cake is stunning :) xx

Toni (White Crafty Cakes)

Sooo excited for you Raewyn!!! Cake decorator of the week!!! Congratulations!!!

Raewyn Read Cake Design

Oh Toni! You’re a Love! Thanks so much, what a fabulous bit of news to wake up to this morning! Thanks Gorgeous! :) xx

Sannas tårtor

Wow, you are an amazing artist, everything looks amazing and very well done. love them all.

It's a Cake Thing

Congrats Raewyn. Cake decorator of the week!!!!! YESSSSS~~~~ so awesome and well deserved!


SO well deserved and I am so happy for you. You just go from strength to strength. Look out cake world, you won’t know what hit you!!

Delicia Designs

Yay Raewyn! Congratulations on Cake Decorator of the week!


Hi Raewyn!! Congrats!! Hope you’ll always move from one success to another <3


p.s.: i loved your profile pic!!! you’re such a pretty lady :))


Congratulations on Cake Decorator of the week ?

Little Cherry

cake decoratoooor of the weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!!!!

Yayuh!! Congrats Rae xxx


Another fantastic cake


Look at what I’ve been missing here while I was away!!! Cake Decorator of the week!!! Woohoo!! So well deserved Raewyn :) :) Congratulation!!! xx

Raewyn Read Cake Design

Oh my goodness, thanks Joyce, welcome back…I missed all these comments. I feel very rude! Thanks so much everyone, I truly appreciate all the cake love you’ve sent me, you’re all very special, thank you :) xxxxxxx

Calli Creations

Your first cake!!! I can promise you mine did not look like that, its FAB!! your very talented!! … wow and isn’t she such a cutie!!!

kate clemente

wow beautiful cake! i hope i could make also like this =)

Jo Tan

Hi, just wanted to say thankyou for your luvly comments, you are very encouraging and as I believe alot of cake decorators feel; half the reason I spend so much time on my cakes is the enjoyment I get from creating and the other half is the appreciation and enjoyment others get from that creation – very deep lol…so anyway thanks :-)

Raewyn Read Cake Design

Hey Jo, thanks for that! I totally agree, I hate it when someone picks up a cake and I don’t get to see their reaction! There’s not much better than watching some one’s face light up because you made something special for them. Love your work! Can’t wait to see what you share with us next :) xx

Fifi's Cakes

Happy Birthday lovely lady!!! xx

Stephanie Dill

Sigh….your cakes are so freakin’ awesome. I know, not very eloquent – just honest!


Wow, your cakes are amazing :)

Amanda’s Little Cake Boutique

Congratulations on cake decorator of the week – you sooooo deserve it! xxxxxx


Happened to glance up and OMG its Rae as decorator of the week!!!!! I am so thrilled. You are such a deserving artist and its wonderful to see you there. Congrats hon xo

Calli Creations

Hey Rae!!! What a delight to see you in this well deserved slot as decorator of the week!!! I’m so happy for you…. YAY!!!! Xxxxxx

Fifi's Cakes

hooray!! Couldn’t go to a nicer, more deserving cake lady!!! I have the highest regard for your work and your community spirit. xx


Delighted to see you as Cake Decorator of the Week so deserving & well overdue :-)

Delicia Designs

Congratulations on Cake Decorator of the Week Rae! I look up to you as a cake genius, always able to pull of amazing work no matter what the circumstances and an inspiration to us all! xx


Rae, its great to see you at the top of the CD page! You are an inspiration. Thank you so much and congratulations to you, Claire xxx

Raewyn Read Cake Design

Thank you all so much! It was such a lovely surprise :) xx

Shawna McGreevy

love your stuff Raewyn…congrats!! <3

It's a Cake Thing

Rae..I’ve been so busy haven’t had a chance to come on here in awhile. But when I logged on today to see you were Cake Decorator of the week, I was so happy. Made my morning!!

Congratulations well deserved. WE ALL love your cakes!!! xx

Verusca Walker

Sooo excited for you Raewyn!!! Well done Cake decorator of the week!!! Wow!!!!


congrats Rae yay cake decorator of the week. Thats fantastic.

Cake Sweet Cake By Tara

Love your cakes you r so talented!! Yu go girl


Hi Rae, I saw a cute cake of yours on FB sometime back- a boy with a guitar. Is it ok for me to use the design?

Raewyn Read Cake Design

Hi Raika, absolutely! Always happy to have someone recreate one of my designs, thanks for asking :) xxx

Donna Campbell

Beautiful work!! I am in Awe!

Bobbie-Anne Wright (For Heaven's Cake)

Wow as if you just left me a comment :) I absolutely love your work, thank you soo much you made my day x

Viorica Dinu

Your cakes are amazing. Congratulations !


Amazing work, wow!

Cakes For Precious Moments

You are amazing! X

Sweet Foxylicious

Wow love your cakes. A new follow from us at foxylicious cakes.