Hi !!
My name is '' Taysser " I am a 32yrs. , a wife to a great man (who has bachelor of law degree and MBA ) and a mom of 2 precious girls '' Tara '' and ''Leen'' , I've been baking and decorate the cakes since I was 15yrs. , but it was just a hobby to me and it was simple and basic , I have bachelor degree in medical laboratory technical work for 4 years as lab. technician , then quit my job ,after having my second baby girl ((still hoping have time to get back to take a master degree in my original field )) . Later I started to follow my hobby again to make family and friends events cakes and treats , few more cakes and everyone advice me to create my own business .. I loved the idea since I'm home stay mom now , need to be close to my daughters , and have to try being useful person to help my husband paying part of bills or so .
The original idea of using my business name ( Cake Sweet Cake By Tara ) was coming from ( home sweet home ) as all of us love our homes , but I'm crazy about my home and family , they make me feel safe, proud and warm . And why I used 'by Tara' ? Because " Tara " is my eldest daughter , used her name to tell her that she is an important person in my life , that would support her self confidence , and to give me a good luck since " Tara means Sparkly star " and stars are always high , pure and attractive . Cake decorating is actually still a passion to me , more than job and it always will be like that , this is me and this is how I love cakes !!
Hope you like my story ^_^
have a great day !!!


Hello Taysser, thank you for your lovely words! Your cakes are fantastic! Love you story, especially how you choose the name for your business!xoxo

Gulnaz Mitchell, New Zealand, https://www.facebook.com/pages/Heavenlycakes4you-by-Gulnaz-Mitchell/113619242162187

Hello Gulnaz !! thanks for stopping by , and loving my story , loved your cakes also , good luck :)