I'm a Brazilian artist living in Australia for the past 21 years.
I am working as a cake decorator for the past 15 years after finished Fine Artist and Baker studies.
I decided to mix both of the industries and make eatable art.
I have free tutorial on My Youtube channel: www.youtube.com/veruscawalker
And a super cool book that show everything you need to know about constructing structure to have your cake on upright position, moving, hanging, suspended, etc....
For more info: www.veruscawalker.com
When you there check out my schedule and classes....I travell all over the world teaching the art of sculpture 3D Novelty cakes.


Welcome to CakesDecor Verusca! It’s so exciting having you here, can’t wait to see what you share with us! :) xxx

Raewyn, Sydney, Australia https://www.facebook.com/cakesbyraewyn

You are extremely talented Verusca! Love your work!

Tatiana, https://www.facebook.com/DeliciaDesigns

OMG I just noticed that you are on CakesDecor. I am a huge fan and follow your work on Facebook. So excited to be able to see your creations here too! You

~Daniela xo www.facebook.com/itsacakethingwoodbridge

Oooops pressed send before I finished. I meant to say YOU ROCK!!! ;-)

~Daniela xo www.facebook.com/itsacakethingwoodbridge

Love all your work! I just got in this page, and I’m a fan :) got you on FB!!

Brilliant to able to stalk you here too!!! Love all your work. You take detail and character to another level! x

'It Always Seems Impossible Until It is Done' Nelson Mandela http://www.facebook.com/CakesByFifi

When I had to make my first car cake almost 3 or 4 yrs ago, it was your tutorial on DevArt showing the Lightning Mcqueen with the printed cardboard templates that thought me the carving method. I’ve adapted that method and used it on so many of my cakes since, but I’ll always remember that Lightning Mcqueen you did. :D

Chef Nicky - The White Ombre (Singapore) - http://thewhiteombre.com - http://www.facebook.com/thewhiteombre

love all your work always so perfect x