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DJ mixing deck

Hi, popping by to post my latest cake. I have just had 4 weeks off and boy did I need it. I have been making too many cakes so I’ve decided that from now on I will take on a maximum of 2 a week.
So here is my DJ cake, I used some edible images as the client didn’t want to pay too much, in the end I did spend a few hours making all the dials as I thought it looked a bit boring with just edible images. Hope you like it and thank you for looking :-)


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Mommy Sue

Super cool Laylah!



Elli Warren

Fantastic!!! Great detail!!! :-) x

Aga Leśniak

so cool Laylah:))!!

AWG Hobby Cakes

wow detailed = fab :)


Cool Dj Hardwell would love it!
And very good that you decided to make 2 cakes in the week that"s my max too!
With my work i can"t do more and sometimes when it"s a real cool cake i make three :-D


Great detail – looks wonderful x

Calli Creations

Lovely detailing!


So cool :D

Heavenly Treats by Lulu

Great cake – I also only make 2 a week unless they are one tier and simple :-D:-D:-D



Znique Creations

So cool!

Elizabeth Miles Cake Design

Cool idea cool cake

The Custom Piece of Cake


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DJ mixing deck