I have always loved to bake but I didn’t get serious about decorating until after a massive back surgery three years ago. I took the Wilton classes while recovering – I had so much pain that I had to stand up/sit down like a “jack-in-the-box” during the classes! LOL Thank goodness, the teacher didn’t mind my distraction and was an absolute doll. The pain didn’t matter – I was IN LOVE! Since that very first day of class I have never stopped baking and decorating.

I make cakes for friends and family and give away many of them – just because. I love to surprise people with the gift of a decorated cake.

Before my back surgery I worked as a corporate controller.

Thanks for the follow Donna, I love your cakes, great style! I too wil give my cakes away, any excuse to make one! :-)

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Thank you Christine! You have some pretty cool cakes yourself :)

Dziekuje Donna za miły komentarz:)) Twoja galeria jest imponujaca robisz piekne torty :))!! pozdrawiam Danka


Thanks for the follow :)

Amy. Little monsters bakery, England

Hello Donna. Thanks for your comment on Winnie the Pooh Cake. On that mini rainbow cake i mixed 6 rainbow colours on each other. Cut them with a small circle cutter and cover them with whatever you want. Fondant, butter cream,,.. Remember you are working with micro things. lol So you have to be patient

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Hi Donna thank you for the follow x

Zoe @ sweet foxylicious x

Hi Donna,
Thank you for the follow. Your cakes are amazing! xxx

Hi Donna

Thanks for the comment on my Charleston cake, you can bake for me anytime and give one to me!!! you know what its like when you make cakes you never get one yourself!

Will be following you with interest x
Donna (all the best are called Donna ;) )

Thank you Donna – how sweet of you to say that! Yes, you are correct – I rarely get a cake for myself! Hahaha!