Cake Disasters

Do you have a cake disaster story to share? Tell everyone how to avoid of doing the same mistakes.

5,967 views, 14 2 by Raewyn Read - Cakes by Raewyn

Raewyn Read - Cakes by Raewyn

Oh humidity...why do you hate me so?

Here is the full Editorial from this months Cakes Decor Gazette, I got a...

1,136 views, 7 1 by Kendra Hicks

Kendra Hicks


Lately, I’ve been experiencing blow outs on my fondant-covered cakes. ...

3,295 views, 20 1 by Maria @ RooneyGirl BakeShop

Maria @ RooneyGirl BakeShop

Wedding Cake Disaster!

I nearly had a heart attack today and still feel like I am until I hear back...

4,491 views, 6 0 by Teresa Cunha

Teresa Cunha

Cream Cheese Buttercream.......HELP!

I have the most difficult time with cream cheese buttercream. I’ve tried...

3,419 views, 4 1 by Crys


Indydebi's buttercream

So I decided to try out Indydebi’s buttercream since I’ve read so many...

1,413 views, 2 0 by anneportia


travelling a cake at 1,456 kilometer distance

Hi Cake decorators, I have some problem that i’m trying to resolve right...

1,981 views, 13 0 by miettes


What have I done wrong?

Exactly the same cream cheese frosting recipe on both, one grainy, one...

806 views, 0 0 by gizangel


Leaning Cake!!

Hi everyone, I have been making cakes for 1.5 yrs now. I recently had an...

624 views, 0 0 by Niska

Choc mud cake

Hi guys! I have this choc mud cake That is thé best! Only thing is have to...

1,344 views, 19 0 by Kizzy's Cakes

Kizzy's Cakes

Can an entire cake be frozen?

I just finished a cake this evening for a friend’s wife’s birthday. I was...

977 views, 8 0 by BellaCakes & Confections

BellaCakes & Confections

Can one Cake have to many themes?

Hi everyone looking for some advice one an upcoming cake design. I have been...

657 views, 1 0 by Sandy


Help....Air bubbles

Hello all of you wonderful cake decoraters. I have a problem. For some...

1,663 views, 10 0 by Ksuliman

Hair in fondant

I know this may be a silly and an embarrassing question? But, I think we...

1,000 views, 2 0 by Tina


bad cake day today

.. just feeling a bit sad, yah i know ‘its just a cake’… but its my pride...

1,509 views, 17 0 by Raewyn Read - Cakes by Raewyn

Raewyn Read - Cakes by Raewyn

My Upside Down Ganaching fail :(

I had to review last months featured tutorial for the Cakes decor...

836 views, 2 0 by Nicole Marker

Nicole Marker

HELP! Cake artist needed in Long Island NY....Yikes

Hi cake peeps! I am having a shaking my head moment…. A woman ordered a...

1,258 views, 9 0 by Kelly



Hi, can anyone help me, I am currently covering a 3 tier cake and am getting...

1,591 views, 7 0 by Priscilla


Cake Disasters!! Delivery mishaps, melting what's yours!!

Mine was traveling 35 mins from my place with 2 small cakes & they fell...

1,882 views, 6 0 by gemmascakes


Five tier cake!

I was asked to do a five tier enchanted forest cake! My first three tier...

1,478 views, 7 0 by Miriam


What Happenned To My Cake?

This is the first time baking this chocolate fruitcake (or any...